Affordable Window Blinds: Choosing the Right Window Treatment

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Affordable window blinds by Milton Blinds


When you’re improving your Milton home, you’re working on a budget—who isn’t? In order to make the most of it, you want to keep your improvements as affordable as possible, while getting the kind of quality that you need. When it comes to choosing affordable, but valuable, window blinds, you have a few options. Most of the cost of your blinds will be determined by material type, after all, you can’t just skimp on getting smaller blinds than you need like you can with some other products. If you don’t want to wait, but still want to see how it will all look in your space, contact us to speak to one of our skilled designers about an in-home consultation. If you’re wanting to learn more first, here is a quick guide on the affordability of different blind products.


Wooden Window Blinds

There is always something so charming and natural about adding real wood to your home, isn’t there? However, when it comes to affordability, wooden blinds are not exactly your best option. Real wood can be expensive, although it does depend on what variety of wood you’re after. Further, wood might not last as long as you expect, because it swells and shrinks based on the humidity of your home.

If you love the real-wood look but you want something more affordable, you can compromise on the faux wood. It doesn’t quite capture the same charm, but it is still a lovely option.


Vinyl or PVC Blinds

Plastic-like materials, including vinyl and PVC, are the more affordable window blind option. These materials are cheaper to make and manufacture into blinds. Plus, they also provide a great deal of durability and aren’t as impacted by moisture changes as wood is. That means you can also delay replacing them for a longer period of time, which saves you money too. We offer a few options in this range and can point you to the most valuable option for you.


Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are known as an affordable way to cover things like your patio door and the windows next to it. Vertical blinds tend to be thicker than horizontal ones, but they are still made out of the same materials. Vinyl and PVC options will be affordable, faux wood are a little less so, and real wood will be the highest-priced item of them all, but is often worth it for those who want it.


More Blind Options from Milton Blinds

If you’re in Milton, the GTA, and the surrounding areas, it’s worthwhile to give our team a call to discuss how to make your blinds more affordable. We offer free in-home consultations where you can get familiar with your options right in your space.

Reach out to us to schedule one today with one of our amazing design professionals.



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