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Let us design shutters that work best for your room.  Has the bottom closed for privacy and top opened for natural light?  At Milton Blinds, we can custom design your shutters to put divider bars anywhere you like, for example, ½ way up, 2/3 of the way up, 4 louvers on top or at the 52” mark or even have them matching with existing grill marks.

bay window shutters

Shutters for a bay window, bow window, corner window, or any angled window is a great fit as it provides a seamless, clean look.  We can customer framing for a polished finish to any bay window shutters.

 window shutters

Shutter Myth?

Many people think shutters close off a room, when in the open position they increase visibility outside, especially with 3-1/2” or 4-1/2” louver sizes.

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bay shutter

Roadside appeal is huge well considering selling your home.  Consider having all windows that face the front of the home dressed with the same window covering product.  Curbside aesthetics is heightened even more when a corner home.  For your complimentary in-home consult, contact us today.

Safe Window Covering Option

Eclipse Shutters meet the National Fire Protection standards.  Built-in fire retardant qualities in these shutters provide you with all the protection needed.  There would be no need for additional window covering protection.  This advantage makes shutters a safe option for both commercial and residential window covering applications.

Energy Efficient

Save on your energy bills, heating, and cooling.  The construction of shutters allows this window covering treatment to eliminate heat gain during summer seasons and provides supreme insulation during cooler months.  Shutters are constructed with these design elements in mind, to trap air in the louvers, and frame parts and prevent the temperature not desired into your home.  Here is an illustration of shutter parts:shutters

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