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Bifold doors can be a beautiful, convenient option for your patio door, closet door, or other door. However, the style doesn’t lend well to traditional blinds or other window dressings. If you’ve been struggling to find blinds for bifold doors in Milton, your search is over. Milton Blinds offers the perfect, custom french, patio and bifold blinds that will solve the issue of your bifold doors and give you the privacy and light control that you need.

The Challenge of Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are those that, instead of swinging open, fold open. They may be made of two or more panels. Between each panel are a series of hinges that allow the panels to lay against each other as they open. Bifold doors are often chosen for small spaces where there isn’t room for the full swing of a typical door. They are also chosen for spots where designers want to minimize the feeling of separation between the two spaces.

For both reasons, bifold doors are often chosen for patios, where they help connect the indoors with the outdoors and ensure the door does not intrude too much into the living space. However, the problem is that people need window dressings for these doors and, with their distinctive fold style, bifold doors run into typical window treatments. It can be a struggle to get curtains, blinds, and shutters out of the way of bifold doors, rendering them useless. That is, until you choose custom blinds made specifically for bifold doors.

Your Options for Blinds for Bifold Doors

Bifold door blinds have separate panels for each panel of your door. So, they can accommodate even French-style bifold doors with four panels (two on each door.) The blinds are mounted to the door and move with it, allowing you to open or close the door fully even while the blinds are drawn down and shut. We offer custom patio door blinds that will fit your doors.

You also have many options when it comes to the style and function of your blinds. We offer blinds in a range of materials and with a range of features. Each is available in a vast array of colours, which you can look at in your home under the specific lighting conditions your new blinds will have. When you choose Milton Blinds, some of your options include:

  • Honeycomb bifold door blinds: Honeycomb shades are made of “cells” which you can see from the side. They look like honeycomb pieces. This shape gives the blinds more thickness and helps them prevent the passage of heat. They can also block more light.

  • Thermal blinds: A popular option for patio doors especially, thermal blinds are thick and intended to block heat. That means you lose less heat through them in winter and repel more heat from them in the summer.

We also offer bifold blinds in a range of materials and styles.

Perfect Fit Door Blinds from Milton Blinds

Get blinds perfect for bifold doors from Milton Blinds. Reach out to us today to discuss your options and which will work best with your home’s unique style.