Blackout Zebra Blinds Bolster the Beauty of Your Home

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Blackout Zebra Blinds Bolster the Beauty of Your Home

Zebra door and window blinds offer an updated take on traditional horizontal blinds. Just as zebras have alternately dark and light stripes, these shades have alternating transparent and blackout segments. This pattern gives you a lot of versatility and makes it easier to let in the light or shift to room-darkening bedroom blinds. In other words, you can adjust them for insulation, light control, or privacy as your needs vary. If you’re not sure how these blinds will look in your home, you can always ask us for an in-home consultation to take out any of the guesswork.

Control Noise, Light, and Distractions with Blackout Bedroom Blinds

Zebra window blinds are white with a liner to stop the light when you want to sleep or relax without bright light getting in your eyes. This feature makes zebra blackout blinds elegant but practical and can match your colourful, neutral, or eclectic bedroom décor. Whether you hang them solo or pair them with other window treatments, you can’t go wrong. The great thing is that you can use these blinds throughout your home, including the bathroom.

Bathroom Blackout Zebra Blinds for a Style That’s Unique to You

There are few rooms where both privacy and light matter more than in the bathroom. So, give yourself and your family the most versatile options available with zebra shades for the bathroom. These lovely shades gently diffuse the light to help prevent harsh glare. At the same time, they let in ample natural light to enjoy as you get ready for the day.

Because of their neutral tones, you can match them with similar or different shades to customize your bathroom décor.


Try Out Zebra Window Shades for Your Living Room

Are you wondering how to incorporate zebra shades as living or family room blinds? Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

  • Garden door blinds provide sultry light and make it easy to check on the progress of your vegetables and flowers when you don’t need to get right out in the garden.
  • Their modern, sleek, simple style enhances contemporary, minimalist, and rustic décor. You can hang them anywhere and watch how they blend in seamlessly!
  • Are you going for a simple look? Zebra window blinds let in soft white light in banded shades to prevent glare.
  • If you have small children, you can still use zebra shades. They have child safety mechanisms included.

When you need a no-hassle way to upgrade your bedroom, living room, or bathroom, start with these unique window treatments.


Contact Milton Blinds for a Free Quote

Window coverings in banded strips can give your home a sophisticated feel. At the same time, zebra shades let in natural sunlight while protecting your privacy. Feel free to incorporate them on windows and doors throughout your home.

Contact Milton Blinds to learn more about our products or help with your window treatment design! We offer in-home consultations, so you don’t have to guess if your new blinds will fit with your pre-existing décor.

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