Blinded by Too Much Light? Get Vertical Blinds

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Why are vertical blinds so popular in Canada? Even in winter, our sun can be very harsh. Vertical blinds give homeowners the most flexibility they need to enjoy just the right amount of light in their home, regardless of the season or the time of day. Learn more about the options that vertical blinds open up for you in Oakville, ON. When you’re ready, you can contact us or book an in-home consultation.

The Many Ways to Use Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have more positions than other window dressing options, giving you more control over the light. Of course, you can have vertical blinds extended across the whole window or door and closed. With our blackout blinds, you can significantly reduce glare in your space—an excellent option for shift workers and those who love to indulge and sleep in.

Another option is to open the blinds but keep them drawn across the window or door. This allows light in but still offers some privacy from prying eyes outside. You can choose between open and halfway open to maximize privacy or light.

Of course, a unique feature of vertical window blinds is that you can draw them back. Whether open, closed, or half-open, you can pull these blinds back, so they only cover half or less of the space, allowing you greater control over how your windows look and the amount of light they let in. This is a great option to allow sun into your space but still block glare or provide shade where you need it. We can design and install your blinds so that they can add protection from the light exactly where you want or need it. All our design solutions are custom to your unique needs as a home or business owner.

Simple to Repair

Light control for the long, long term depends on how simple your window dressing solution is to repair. Eventually, something with happen to the blinds or shutters to cause a gap that lets light in. At Milton Blinds, we can repair vertical blinds very simply if one of the vanes (the vertical sheets) has been chewed up by your dog, bent when you moved furniture, or broken by a cat that got a little too curious.

Vertical blinds can be relatively small or large, with a maximum of 12 inches in width and 144 inches in height. We can measure, and color match your existing blinds and provide vanes or a full replacement to keep the look that you love so much.

Reach Out to Milton Blinds

Ready to get perfect light control in your home? Milton Blinds offers vertical blinds in Canada from our home base in Oakville, ON. Reach out to us today to discuss your best option for patio doors, large windows, condos, and floor to ceiling windows. If you’re not sure what you want, don’t worry, we offer complimentary in-home consultations to help you decide. We love being your personal designer!

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