California Blinds

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Arched Window Blinds, Shades, and Shutters

We offer California blinds. These customizable, high-end blinds are well-suited for a home with any style and homeowners with any needs. Whether you need blinds primarily to make your home feel more private, control light and improve energy efficiency, or complete a stunningly designed interior. Homes without blinds look plain and can feel uncomfortable. But you have many window dressing options—so why choose California Blinds? We’ll explain below.

Different Types of California Blinds & Shades

  • Wooden blinds: You don’t need to buy shutters to get the shutter look. Simple wooden blinds can offer you the look and function of shutters without the price tag.
  • Roller blinds: With one sheet of fabric that rolls up or down, roller blinds are a great option for adding personality and color to any space.
  • Perfect Fit blinds: California blinds offers these made-to-measure blinds which can fit even unusual windows.

Electric Blinds

California blinds also have an electric blinds option. Also called motorized shutters and automated shutters, these window dressings have a motor that raises or lowers them without effort from you. We can hook up the motor for your blinds with a handheld remote so that anyone in your space can raise or lower them with a simple push of a button. We also offer integrations with smart home technology. This includes motorized blinds with Google, motorized blinds with Alexa, and more.

Blinds Installed for Your Convenience

Perfect Fit blinds are a type of California blind well-known for achieving an ideal fit with your windows. Milton Blinds can do your measurements so that you’re confident of the dimensions you’re sending to the manufacturer. You can trust us to get blinds back to you that will be precisely to your dimensions and end up fitting your windows just as you had imagined.

Our Process

How do you choose the best blinds for you? There are many more options than California blinds, and many color, size, and material choices within whichever brand you feel drawn to. We offer the expert help that you need to sort out which blinds you prefer, and then measure, produce and install them for you. As preparation for working with us, you might ask yourself these questions:
  • Which windows do you want to add blinds to? Might you add more in the future?
  • What is the style of the rooms you’re adding blinds to? Also consider color and texture.
  • How much privacy do you need in the spaces you’re installing blinds?
  • Which kind of blinds do you prefer the look of?
  • What kind of budget are you working with?

Choose Milton Blinds As California Blinds Company

Milton Blinds is proud to offer a huge range of blind options, materials, colors, and custom sizing for your California blinds. With our free in-home consultations you can look at samples of fabrics and materials before making any commitment to purchasing. Reach out to us today to schedule your consultation.