California Shutters 101: Everything You Need to Know

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California shutters installed by Milton Blinds


For many, the classic southern look of window shutters is what they have always dreamed of to enhance their home. For them, California shutters are an excellent option to intensify this look, as they represent the quintessential look of a home to them. Or, maybe they are more drawn to the practical advantages of window shutters over other window dressing options. In that case, California shutters are still worth exploring as potential window options. If you want to see how they will look in your home, you can always contact one of our team members to set up an in-home consultation. If you’d like to learn more first, here is what you need to know about these shutters before you purchase them.


What are California Shutters?

California shutters are shutters with louvers that are smaller than average, at 2.5 inches. Louvers are the horizontal bars on your shutters. Your typical shutter has louvers that are 3.5 inches, and we offer shutters up to 4.5 inches in width. California shutters are the smallest shutter options we offer. They look more delicate and intricate than some wider options, while still fitting into many modern spaces.


The Benefits of California Shutters

California shutters have become popular outside of their namesake state because they offer so many advantages, along with their unique style. Some of the benefits you can expect from these shutters include:

  • Elegance: Simply put, these are elegant shutters. They add more interest, gravitas, and style than many other options. Those with southern or traditionally-styled interiors will especially benefit.
  • Modern: That said, you don’t have to lean into a southern look when you choose these shutters. They offer clean horizontal lines and, especially when white, can look perfectly at home in a modern-style living room.
  • Longevity: We offer high-quality shutter installation in Milton which ensures your shutters will last as long as possible. In general, shutters are more durable than other window dressing options too.


Your Frame Options

As with other window shutters, you have important frame options for your California shutters. We offer frameless when the windows are symmetrical, but most with California shutters opt for a frame. Your options include:

  • L-frame
  • Decorative L frame
  • Z-frame
  • Trim frame
  • Bullnose frame
  • Casing frame
  • Deluxe trim frames

Each offers its own unique flair to California shutters. When you want to make your shutters more of a stand-out in your room, choosing more decorative frames can help. Check through our shutters page to see examples of each style or talk to us to see real examples in Milton. Or ask our team about an in-home consultation to help you take any guesswork out of what your options would look like in your home.


Discuss California Shutters for Your Home

Milton Blinds offers shutter installation in Milton and much more. We can guide you to choose the right shutters and get just the custom look that will enhance your home. Contact us today.

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