California Shutters: Some of the Best Window Coverings for Your Space

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California Shutters: Some of the Best Window Coverings for Your Space

California shutters, sometimes also called “plantation shutters”, are popular in Milton and are one of our favorite shutter options to install. With their thin louvers, these shutters offer increased privacy even when open and also offer plenty of light and heat control. However, the best part might just be their look. They add a unique feel to any room and can look either modern and crisp or very elegant and full of character. It’s all in what you pair them with.

Need ideas for plantation shutters in your Milton home? Contact us to set up an in-home consultation with one of our design experts so you can see exactly what your selection would look like in your space. If you’d like to learn more first, read on for some great California shutter ideas.


Modern White Spaces

California shutters, when in their classic white, add a touch of interest in a modern space. Where clean lines and neutrals dominate, white California shutters fit right in. Particularly in living rooms, where you might want a bit of extra interest, while not taking too much attention away from larger elements like couches and fireplaces. While they have a reputation for traditional looks, you may be surprised at how contemporary plantation shutters look in these circumstances.


Wooden California Shutters

Keeping your plantation shutters in a natural wood tone can be a great choice, especially for spaces that already make great use of wood or could use the extra warmth. For example, placing light wooden shutters in a bathroom can help make the space feel both more comfortable and break up the monotony of a (typically) white bathroom. We suggest that you try to match the wood of your shutters to the other wooden elements in the bathroom—and we can help with custom shades.


Green California Shutters

Are you interested in doing something a little more unusual with your California shutters? One option we love is to paint them green, especially in homes with lots of greenery, landscaping, and a need to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces. Green shutters bridge the gap and make both the inside and outside seem more lively. Imagine opening your deep green shutters to see your blooming gardens beyond.


Curved California Shutters

We can produce custom, curved California shutters that work with unusual windows. Many homes make elegant architectural statements with curved windows, which may be otherwise hard to find window dressings for. California shutters are a great solution that maintains the elegance of the window.


Get More California Shutter Ideas

The professionals at Milton Blinds can help you choose the perfect shutters for any and all of the windows in your home. We don’t want you to have to guess if your selection will look right in your space, so please reach out to us for an in-home consultation

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