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California shutters are an elegant shutter option that can make your windows and your home look lovely, but also be more functional, private, and in your control. Shutters are a permanent window dressing option that have great aesthetics and allow you to control light, heat, and privacy in your space. California shutters, also called plantation shutters, have thin louvres that make for a specific southern-inspired look that has become very popular in Milton and surrounding areas. You can even outfit our shutters with motorization, creating electric shutters that open and close with the push of a button. Discover more about California shutters below.

What Are California Shutters?

Plantation or California shutters are specifically those that have 2.5-inch louvres. These are among the thinnest louvres, which means that, when open, these shutters have the smallest gaps. Smaller gaps make for a better sense of privacy and more light blocking.

California shutters and blinds are a less modern style than shutters with larger louvres. They add charm, traditional appeal, and interest to a space that plainer shutters do not. That said, California shutters are typically white which also works with modern and minimalist spaces. You can get them in other colors if that suits your tastes and your space.

We offer both vinyl and wood shutters in this style. We also offer both full-height shutters and tier-on-tier shutters in this louvre size.

Our Products

What do you need to work with your home? When you work with Milton Blinds you can simply be guided by your home and your sense of style, because we offer a wide range of shutter materials and colors. You won’t be limited by small inventory or size issues when you work with us. We offer custom-fit shutters that can work even with unusual windows.

We offer a variety of materials, including wooden shutters and vinyl shutters. Wooden options bring in charm and a real wood feel, even when they are painted white. However, vinyl and other materials tend to stand up better to water and moisture. In either material, you can choose from a range of colors and finishes to work with your home.

Not interested in plantation shutters? Talk to us about choosing shutters with larger louvre sizes. Or reach out to us to discuss roller shutters, and other window dressing options such as blinds and shades.

California Shutters and Plantation Shutters Installed for Your Convenience

We offer perfect-fit shutters that you can install on your own. While we always recommend that you allow us to do the installation, confident homeowners can certainly do it themselves. The same goes for business owners and managers who want to install café style shutters on their own.

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No one wants to invest in shutters without having some sense of how they will look in their home. That’s why Milton Blinds offers both in-person for free. You don’t need to commit to a specific option right away, speak to one of our design experts and get their advice about what will work with your home and its style. You’re welcome to bring your own ideas and discuss what you want and need with our shutter experts. Or simply hand your project to them and have them present the options that could work for you.

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