How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Panel Track Blinds?

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How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Panel Track Blinds

Designing your home is an exciting process that takes copious amounts of time, effort, and consideration. Each choice contributes to the overall environment you’re striving to create for you and your loved ones. While these decisions can seem overwhelming, taking them one step at a time is the best way to move forward seamlessly.

Whether you’re looking to invest in vertical panel blinds or modern sliding panel blinds, there are lots of decisions that go into the design and production of these blinds to guarantee they are what you’re looking for. Each home is unique in aesthetic, intention, and décor, which is why finding the right fabric for your blind is imperative to the overall atmosphere in your home.

This blog outlines two key decisions when it comes to choosing your perfect panel track blinds and provides support on how to make the right decision.

The Right Fabric for You

The versatility of panel track blinds allows a variety of fabrics to be offered to homeowners. Each fabric has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that can be used to determine your preference. We have outlined the fabrics below to help you decide which is the right choice for you:

  • Solar screen: Block out intrusive sunlight and reduce heat and sun exposure within your home.
  • Vinyl: This durable and versatile option can be customized to match your home’s décor closely.
  • Linen-like: For a traditional and classic aesthetic, linen-like blinds are an excellent option.
  • Designer quality: Elevate your home with an upscale option that guarantees a high-value aesthetic and excellent quality.

Select Your Opacity

While the fabric is an essential choice for your panel track blinds, it is also imperative to consider the opacity of your blinds. Take into consideration the intention of the room, as well as the time of day you plan on spending in it. For example, drawing the panel track shades in the bedroom is traditionally done at night to block out any streetlights or headlights from passing cars, so blackout blinds would assist with this. On the other hand, the kitchen or living room may be areas where you enjoy sunlight streaming through your windows to a certain extent, so you add semi-opaque blinds to control the heat and brightness.

Some fabrics accomplish levels of opacity better than others, so it is essential to discuss your options with one of our representatives. We will make sure that you’re choosing the right fabric for your unique needs.

The Right Blinds Shop for Your Home

At Milton Blinds, we work closely with you to ensure that your decisions will benefit your home and take it to the next level. Our specialty is custom blinds and shades that are modified to your unique preferences and needs. With the help of our expert team, you will be sure to walk away with the perfect blinds or shades for your home.

Contact us today to ask any questions or learn additional information about panel track blinds. We are ready to help you!

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