Choosing The Best Window Blinds for a Basement

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Choosing The Best Window Blinds for a Basement

Do you have basement windows you need to dress up? Both in homes and in businesses, making the basement comfortable and bright can be a big challenge. The last thing you want to do is block more of that precious light with some window blinds. However, the angle of your basement windows means that they aren’t exactly private. And they can make the inside of your space look disproportionate and odd. How do you style them? If you want to see it firsthand, contact us now and set up an in-home consultation. Our friendly design experts can bring samples to show you what your options could look like in your space. If you’d like to learn more first, read below for some tips and tricks for choosing basement window coverings.


Make the Shades Larger Than the Windows

One way to make your space feel more proportionate is to choose oversized shades to cover the window and the space below it or add shutters. This creates the optical illusion that the window is much larger than it is. There are other ways to pull this look off, but using your shades is usually the first choice.

You can’t necessarily pull this off if you’re adding basement window blinds. When the blinds are drawn down and the louvers open, it’s all too obvious where the actual window ends. In that case, you may want to choose blinds that fit the window exactly.


Consider Humidity for Basement Window Blinds

Cellular shades, wood, and fabrics may all not be the ideal choice for a basement—an area of your house that can have a higher degree of moisture than the rest of your home. Not all window treatments will do well in a basement with serious moisture issues. Vinyl and PVC blinds will tolerate minor humidity issues the best. They’ll resist swelling and are much more challenging for mold or mildew to take hold than fabrics. Unless specifically treated, fabrics will retain water. As a plus, PVC and vinyl blinds are also easier to clean off than other kinds of window treatments.


Automation for Commercial Blinds

For commercial blinds, you should consider remote and automated options. It can be challenging for some people to reach up to the blinds on basement windows. With the app or voice-controlled automatic blinds, you and your staff don’t need to reach them to adjust them. You can even put these blinds on an automated schedule through Google Home or Amazon Alexa so that you don’t have to open or close them at all.


Basement Window Coverings from Milton Blinds

Not sure how to add a window dressing to your basement windows? There are plenty of options and we can help you sort through them. Reach out to us to schedule a free in-home consultation to help take out the guesswork of what your selections will look like in your basement.

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