Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Blinds

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commercial window coverings

What is the widest measurement of blinds available?

Office windows can be large and sometimes span up to 200” in width.  Functionality and ascetics play a role in commercial window covering purchasing.  Vertical blinds have the largest width possible at 212”.  With regards to delivery you may have to keep in mind elevator sizing if this is for a condo.

Roller shades are offered up to 118” which is great for boardrooms blinds, large office window coverings, conference room shades, restaurants blinds, factory shades, warehousing blinds, conference room window coverings, etc.

We can customize operational height as well to accommodate almost any height.

Are there window coverings that you can see out but people cannot see in?

Yes!  There are a range of intensities and fabric openness factors which gauges how much someone from inside can see out and people outside can see in.  This photo below illustrates the window covering range of privacy.

For maximum privacy but still wanting to see out a little 1% fabric would be recommended.  Being outside at night you would know if the lights are on inside or not but you would not be able to see the details.

Does quality matter for commercial blinds?

ABSOLUTELY!  You need to remember staff may be in a workplace environment for up to 12 hours a day and 5-7 days per week.  Having window coverings that are Green Guard Certificated is essential for providing your employees with a safe and comfortable space to work.  Make sure the fabric used is indoor air quality tested and there is low or no emissions.  You can also look for non-porous window coverings so there is no concern of mould or mildew or anything have the ability to grown on the commercial window blind.

What is the best operation?

Chain operation, metal stainless steel is most preferred along with chain guiding mechanisms or child safety mechanisms, this helps increase the wear and tear of multiple users on the commercial blinds.  Motorization is also an option and most commonly used for high windows or many windows.

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