Commercial Window Coverings with Motorization

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Roller Shades

Do you know many window covering solutions come with motorization operational functions?

If you are a retailer, hospital, hotel, restaurant or any other commercial building consider motorized window coverings for increased efficiency. Many window treatments are aesthetics heightened by adding the motorization option as there then are no cords or controls.

Commercial Window Covering

Commercial settings often require blackout window coverings for media and/or conference rooms. Presentation spaces in business and/or educational environments have designated rooms solely for this purpose. These rooms usually have large window that offers lots of natural light but also require the ability to darken the room for projector/media uses.

Of course, natural light is suggested for when showcasing or demonstrating a product, using white boards, chalk boards or any situation where an electronic is not being utilized. Motorized window treatments in such a space will allow for smooth and fast transitioning from a lit room to a dim room and vice versa. Most shades move from down to up such as commercial roller shades and some can also function from side to side such as verticals. Such options only enhance the space of your office or lobby.

These main areas of a work space create an impression of your business with clients, customers, colleagues, etc. Keep in mind color and texture as well as paint and carpet are usually fairly neutral in workplaces.

roller shade

Commercial window coverings are not so traditional any more. Companies are looking for inspirational décor, fresh looks to create a comfortable work atmosphere.

At Milton Blinds we have many options to choose from that are cost friendly, user friendly, commercial grade, attractive looking and functional, such as verticals, roller shades, honeycomb shades, panel tracks, shutters and more. Visit our commercial gallery page at the gallery

We also offer high window commercial window covering products for hard to reach areas, again perfect for motorised solutions. Whether this be skylights, specialty shapes or just large high windows, it can be difficult to control the natural light in these types of scenarios. Managing this light can be crucial to productive work environments. Some seasons you may require light control and other seasons none at all.

One of the sole purposes of commercial window coverings is to reduce glare for employees working on electronic devices. With increased screen time this can be a real challenge for large windowed companies. If you don’t want to have to rely on artificially light and block out all the natural light there are many openness factors to choose from. This means opacity, how much you can see in and out of the fabric on the commercial window covering. See illustration below to display the range of degrees.

Milton Blinds

A roller shade that is 3% means that you can still see out but gain almost all privacy from people looking in and reduces the uv rays by 97%. This provides energy efficiency properties however still allowing natural light into the workspace.

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