What Should I Consider When Selecting Motorized Blinds?

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What Should I Consider When Selecting Motorized Blinds

For your home or your business, motorized blinds are convenient options that save time and hassle. They were once a novelty, but with the advent of smart home technology, motorized blinds are both more convenient and more popular than ever in Milton. If you are thinking of getting them, you should know how they work, what your options are for controlling them, and some other important details. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can contact us now to book an in-home consultation with one of our design experts to see firsthand what your options could look like in your space. If you’d rather get some more information first, our blog below should be able to help!

What Are Motorized Blinds?

Motorized blinds are those blinds where the opening and closing mechanism is attached to a small motor which can open or close them for you. Once you have a motorized blind, you can attach or connect them to a switch, a remote, or some kind of smart home device which then controls the blinds for you.

How Do Motorized Blinds Work?

Motorized blinds might work in one of two ways:

  • Remote control: We connect a remote control to your blind’s motor. This allows you to raise or lower the blinds with just the push of a button.
  • Smart blinds: These are automatic blind systems powered by a smart home system. Depending on your system, you may be able to set your blinds by a timer, or to voice control your blinds to raise or lower them.

What Remote Control Options Are Available with Motorized Window Coverings?

We have a wide range of system options available with our motorized blinds, including:

  • Alexa connections through BLISS
  • Google connections with BLISS
  • Somfy MyLink™
  • Bliss
  • Delta

We also offer TaHoma connections including Alarmcom, Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue, RTI RTS, Savant, SmartThings, URC, and more.

Why Choose Motorized Blinds?

Motorized blinds can make your life much more convenient. They enable you to spend less time fussing with blinds. Those who have disabilities that prevent them from using blinds or those who are aging in their home and want to spare themselves the trouble of opening and closing their blinds could all benefit from motorization.

Let Milton Blinds Help You with Motorized Window Coverings

The team at Milton Blinds is dedicated to helping you get just the right window covering options for your space. If you’re interested in motorized blinds but not sure where to start, then you can reach out to us. During your in-home consultation, we will help you choose the right option for you, whether you need to make your home more accessible for an aging parent, want to save your staff time on handling blinds, or just want the conveniences of motorization for yourself. Contact us to discuss your options today.

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