Considering Roller Shades?

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roller shades

Looking for a practical window covering treatment. Affordable and versatile, roller shades work well in any room in your home. One flat panel of fabric rolls up and down in and out of a valance at the top. If you have the option of a clear and uninterrupted view of looking out when in the upright position and full privacy or light controls when in the lowered position. 

What Kind of Roller Shade to Get?

There are many kinds of roller shades to choose from: traditional, sunscreen shades, and others.  Do you want to see out?  Do you want people to be able to see in?  A large selection of fabric materials provides different intensities of visibility, light control, and privacy.

Roller shades

Blackout Roller Shade Styles

Customize your shades for almost any application.  Designer roller shades, textured roller shades, multiple dual shades on one window, the options are endless!  Blackout roller shades are ideal for sleeping/resting spaces to invite your body and mind to turn off and rejuvenate.

blackout roller shades

Different Applications 

Add drapery for a layering effect whether functioning or decorative.  If you have a stunning view of nature or a cityscape, roller shades can disappear into the headrail for a beautiful view.  Roller shades can be mounted inside or outside your window trim.  For an inside mount keep in mind there will be a small gap on either side between the fabric and window trim.  An outside mount will cover all window trim and can be installed higher than your window to enlarge the look of your window.

roller shade

Roller Shade Conclusion

Clean, sleek, modern and simple! Taking no square footage of your living space. Roller shades are an ideal choice for any room in your home with a large range of fabric and light control options available. Low maintenance and easy to wipe clean as well.

Consider your light control needs and functionality idea scenario and call us for a free quote!

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