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We have more applications than just windows! Depending on your door trim, depth and where your door handles are, we can suggest the right door blinds for you. We also consider how you would like to control your light and amount of privacy, which will dictate a product solution from our range of light filtering, room darkening or blackout product options.

Patio Verticals


We are able to offer all sizes of louvers with or without a frame for bay and bow windows. The frame does allow us to eliminate any gaping, should your windows not be symmetrical, which is very common. We carry multiple different framing options to accommodate sill, large window depth window trim and no trim or depth window trims. Framing can be cut at any angle to ensure a smooth complete design.

Door Window Shutters


Our variety of framing styles and track systems allow us to customize window coverings for sliding patio doors and patio shutters for you. We offer divider bars to allow you to operate the top louvers independently from the bottom and acts as an easy grip for opening and closing. We also offer the Bi-Fold and By-Pass track system, and our most popular standard hinge system which is often referred to as “accordion style”.

Patio Door Roman Shades


Roman shades provide your room with a distinct and sophisticated feel. These shades present themselves in equal sized panels that are layered on top of each other when lifted and yet smooth and elegant when lowered. Roman shades are offered in light filtering and blackout fabrics.

Garden Door Roller Shade


Roller Shades are very popular for patio doors as they allow you to appreciate the large window opening of a patio when completely up and the flexibility of light control and privacy when told 1-2 way or completely. We carry a wide variety of prints, patterns, colours and textures ranging from linen to vinyl, suede, polyester, and hemp-like natural materials.

Patio Door Roller Shades


Roller shades are great for small and large window widths. They are sleek and tidy when rolled up and great choice for door window coverings, including side windows and transoms or just a garden or front door alone. Roller shades are chain operation and child safety hooks are available at no charge.

Elcipse Shutters


Completing your front door or garden door with shutters only further enhances the richness of your home. With an “L” shaped frame, and sometimes required extension frame for larger width louvers, we are able to install a shutter panel onto any flat service and operate tightly and remain uniform with all other shutters in the house. We also offer French door cutouts to accommodate handle levers.

Front Door Frosting


Window film is offered in a variety of colors and ranges from transparent to opaque. A great application for front doors, arches, and specialty shapes at a fraction of the cost of other products.

Patio Door Blinds in Milton


Soft drapery installed with small rods on the bottom and top of a door, side door windows or garden door is a cost-efficient solution for semi-private desired openings.

Door Blinds

Your back door is your way to step outside and enjoy the summer weather. However, you don’t want the summer weather coming into your home and making it too hot to enjoy much of anything. Glass back doors can let in heat and provide a sizeable space where anyone can see right into your home. Adding quality patio door blinds will improve your heat and privacy without compromising on the convenience of your back door. You’ll find that entertaining, watching the yard, and relaxing in your backroom are all more comfortable when you have door blinds installed. If you’re interested but don’t know what would look good in your home, you can always contact us and set up an in-home consultation with one of our design specialists. If you want to learn more first, keep reading.

Why Add Door Blinds?

Sliding patio door blinds are a great idea for several reasons:

  • Style: These blinds can help complete your room, bringing in new color, texture, and class. When you get custom blinds from us, we can match your door blinds to your other blinds so that you get a complete look.
  • Light: You won’t have to deal with glare on your television when you have these shades installed over your door. You can get a bit more darkness whenever you want with quality, thick blinds that don’t leave any gaps.
  • Heat: Blocking light also means blocking heat in the summer, making it more efficient and affordable to run your air conditioner. But in the winter, these blinds will open up and let in the heat so that you can heat things up a bit more, and your furnace doesn’t have to work so hard.
  • Privacy: Depending on your yard and the height of the home behind you, these blinds may be very important to maintain your privacy in your home. Close them anytime and get peace of mind while still being able to enjoy the beautiful openness of glass whenever you want.

The Function Of Door Blinds

Patio door blinds are vertical blinds that can be pulled back so that the door is fully operable. When they are pulled across a closed door instead, they can hit the handle, which then interrupts the flow of the blinds and the look of the room. That’s why it is so important to have the professionals come to your house to take measurements and plan out how the blinds will fit the door so that both still work properly.

Some people choose to invest in blinds that are built into their doors, but this isn’t necessary and can have its own drawbacks, including blinds that are hard to clean. Our design experts are always happy to discuss what option will work best for you.

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You have some options when it comes to adding blinds to your door. You can add short horizontal blinds to just the door space and cover the door’s windows that way. Or you can add vertical blinds across the door and potentially other windows next to it. The best type is the one you prefer the look of.

Yes, you can attach blinds to your door. It is ideal to attach some blinds direct to the door so that they move with the door when you swing it open or closed. This way you will not damage the blinds when you use the door and it won’t be a hassle to open or close it.

You can sometimes use adhesive strips, like command strips, to attach blinds to your door. However, we don’t typically recommend it. We can install your blinds for you if your drill can’t penetrate the door. If you do not want to make holes in your door, just let us know.

The best blinds for sliding doors are typically vertical blinds. As sliding doors do not swing open, you do not need to worry about the door running into the blinds when you use them. Therefore, vertical blinds, which can be installed above and across the door, are a great solution that allows you to cover the sliding door and other windows near it.

You can install blinds on French doors. However, there are some constraints. To cover both doors, you will need to install two separate blinds, one for each door. Otherwise, the swinging doors would knock into a single blind and damage it.

Sliding glass doors are very modern and clean but can also feel plain and exposed. Adding blinds is a good way not just to add privacy and light control, but also to make the doors look better. We offer a wide range of styles and colors of blinds that can work with your interior décor.

That depends on the door blind type you have, but there are some solutions. One is to secure the end of the blind to the door, although depending on the type of blind this may limit their functionality. Instead of doing this, you could add foam padding to prevent damage from the swinging.

Yes, we offer custom sizes of all of our blind and window dressing styles, so we can create blinds that will suit your specific doors. We can accommodate typical doors, as well as narrow doors, oversized doors, double doors, barn doors, and other door sizes and styles.

Blinds that are installed on doors may require more maintenance than others because you need to protect the door and the blind from the swinging function of the door. We can install your blinds properly and then show you the maintenance that your specific blinds will need. Usually, this at least involves cleaning the blinds.

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