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High-Quality Shutters. Popular Worldwide. Made in Canada

Design the shutters of your dreams – work with an experienced team for fully customized shutters from Eclipse Shutters. Eclipse is the supplier of choice for anyone looking for top-quality, innovative shutters.

Take advantage of exceptional engineering and get shutters that come with a 25-year warranty. That’s ‘Made in Canada’ quality for you.

Eclipse shutters are renowned for:

– Innovative engineering

– High-quality materials

– Durability

– Modern features

Discover the skilled workmanship and attention-to-detail of Eclipse shutters. Book a free consultation with our team and see the difference for yourself.

The Best Shutter-Maker in
Canada and the US

Don’t settle for standard shutters; personalize yours down to the last detail. We sit with you to design Eclipse shutters.

Based in the Greater Toronto Area, Eclipse Shutter is the last word in premium shutters. It is the largest manufacturer of custom-shutters in North America.

Eclipse Shutters

Wide Range of Window and Door Shutters

Choose from a wide range of window and door shutters. Eclipse shutters are available as:

  • 2.5 /3.5/4.5 inch window shutters
  • Bay and bow window shutters
  • French door shutters
  • Room dividers
  • Closet doors
  • Specialty shapes

Don’t see the type of shutter you are looking for? Sit with our team to discuss shutters for your needs.

Get the best of both worlds – attentive service from Milton Blinds and premium finish from Eclipse.

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Innovative Tilt Systems

From traditional tilt bars to patented technologies – you are sure to find a design you like.

Eclipse has been at the forefront of tilt bar design, making shutters more compact and maximizing the view outside.

  • Tilt Bar – Enjoy smooth and reliable operation with a patented tilt-bar system. Perfect for homes and offices with traditional decor.
  • Rear Tilt – Hide the tilt bar where it can’t be seen with an innovative rear tilt bar system. Experience exceptional engineering with one-touch operation.
  • Gear Tilt – The ultimate tilt mechanism – that does away with the bar entirely. Hidden gears reduce depth requirements and offer a clean look. Take advantage of smooth, quiet operation.

Motorized Shutters for a Smarter Home

Now add even more convenience to your home with the UltraPower shutter system from Eclipse.

Reduce hassle with an all-in-one, battery-powered motor system that lets you rotate the shutter with a remote.

Unlike automatic shutters from other companies, Eclipse’s automatic shutters can be moved by hand without damaging the mechanism or voiding the warranty.

Have two shutter panels on your window? You can control both individually with just one motor unit.

Other benefits include:

  • Available with standard shutters, bypass track systems, and French doors.
  • Available with all four-sided frame types.
  • Work with all louver sizes.
  • Can be installed with or without divider rails.

Best Company for Eclipse Shutters Near You

Get top-of-the-line, custom-made shutters and blinds for your project. Milton Blinds offers white-glove service, walking you through every aspect of the shutter design.

Work with an experienced team that has completed thousands of custom shutter projects.

Book an in-home or in-office consultation today. We’ll show you the full range of options from Eclipse and provide accurate time and cost estimates.

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