Functionality vs. Aesthetics in Your Home

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Here are some great tips and insight on how to create family functionality in your home, while reducing your stress and living leisurely. Or maybe your looking to increase your success within the workplace? If so, our guest interviewee Andrea Martin also offers image classes on how to apply your makeup, and how to choose the right clothing for your body type.

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Milton Blinds sits down with Andrea Martin Designs

I recently met with Andrea Martin from Andrea Martin Designs to work on a decorating project in support of the United Way Holiday House Tour. It was great to get this opportunity to collaborate on decorating ideas for the festive season. We created an overarching theme that provided flow from room to room while always incorporating practicality. Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand, in my opinion, and I keep this a centre focus during all complimentary in-home consultations for Milton Blinds. It is hard to enjoy window coverings, blinds, shades, shutters, furniture and lighting (to name a few examples) if they are pretty but not useful and vice versa.

During this time spent with Andrea, I learned about her image workshops which I found very intriguing. I wanted to ask a few questions about this service as well and highlight the answers in this blog as Milton has many mompreneurs. Here is what she had to say:

Q: How do your services compare to other interior designers?

A: My design philosophy is to reuse most of what the Homeowner already has in the new Design plan. This not only saves time and money; it also reflects the personality of the people who live there. It’s good for the wallet and the environment!

Q: What things do you consider when the goal is to achieve family functionality?

A: The lifestyle of the family is very important in creating a design plan that will make their everyday lives easier-that is my priority before we discuss any decorative ideas.

Q: How can thoughtful design help one not feel stressed?

A: A well designed living space is THE most important factor in healthy living. Studies have shown that living in dysfunction can cause stress! Comfortable, functional and pretty living spaces promote relaxation, happiness and an overall a sense of well being.

Q: What lead you to image workshops?

A: Before I had children, I was a Makeup Artist, and I trained staff on proper makeup application techniques. When I started my Interior Design business here in the Halton region, I was approached by many women at my networking meetings about my appearance, asking questions about my makeup. That is when I realized that many Businesswomen didn’t understand how their Image affected their confidence, public perception and professional success.

Q: What is an image workshop?

A: It is a 3-hour class to help Women Entrepreneurs and Professionals to discover their Power Colours for clothing while they master makeup application techniques. This is a hands-on class where each guest will apply her own makeup in a style that is best suited to her face shape and her comfort level to create her professional Image and improve her confidence.

Q: What is your welcome home program?

A: This is a Thank You gift program that Real Estate Agents give to their Buyers. Essentially, they “gift” a Design Consultation from me. The Buyer can me ask any Interior Design/decorating question they have about their new home during their 2-hour Design consultation-everything from choosing new paint colours to how to set up their furniture!

Andrea is a graduate of the Georgian College Interior Decorating Program where she studied furniture layouts, lighting plans, interior furnishings and colour theory. She also completed The Staging Diva Home Staging program.

With over 15 years experience decorating, redesigning and providing workshops in the Milton and surrounding areas (Oakville, Georgetown, Burlington, Mississauga) she is now a teacher in interior designing and lead instructor of image programs. Helping clients understand why and how when it comes to creating a plan for their home. Her focus is on empowering her clients with base design knowledge and teaching a homeowner how to make a home reflect you.

For more information visit: Andrea Martin Designs

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