How to Keep Your Home Warm and Safe with Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters are an excellent option to keep your home safe and warm in the winter. We offer many shutters in Milton, but plantation shutters, often confused with California shutters, are one of the more popular options we offer. Many people feel that the classic style plantation shutters add to home make it feel warmer. Plus, there’s the sense of privacy and luxury that comes from these unique shutters. You can call now and book an in-home consultation with one of our design experts. But if you need some more information, you’ll discover everything you need to know about California shutters and plantation shutters in Milton below.


What are Plantation Shutters?


Plantation shutters are an old, classic style of shutter that is making a resurgence. They may remind you of old plantation homes in the American south. They are interior shutters that are on the inside of a house instead of the outside. The louvers (or slats across the shutters) 3.5 to 4.5 inches wide. These wide louvers and are very stylish and popular in southern climates because of their ability to efficiently block the sun and moderately regulate the temperature inside the house.


Where Should I Add Plantation Shutters?


Plantation shutters are a great option for the living room, where they can make the most visual impact on your space. Some people choose to add plantation shutters to their whole main floor, especially if it is an open concept, to keep the style consistent across space. Plantation shutters, or the slightly smaller louver California shutter, are also a great addition to a bathroom, bedroom, or other small space that you want to make more elegant and stylish. During your in-home consultation, our designers can work with you to find just the right spot.


Are Plantation Shutters Popular in Milton? 


Plantation shutters are the most popular style in the United States but are only recently becoming a popular shutter choice in Milton. This style isn’t so common that you’ll see them in every house, but they are generally stylistically appreciated by everyone. They’re in a nice, sweet spot of being unique but not too out-there.


You might find that these shutters make more sense if your home has a warmer style. Minimalism doesn’t always work well with these shutters, but more traditional styles do, and contemporary styles with warm accents may work as well. Consider these styles: mid-century modern, shabby-chic, beach, Mediterranean, craftsman, rustic, tropical, and vintage.


We find that industrial and Scandinavian aren’t always good styles to pair with plantation shutters, but in this case, you might be interested in another one of our window dressing types and should consult with a member of our design team.


Get Shutters in Oakville


Are you wondering if these shutters will look good in your home? We install plantation and California shutters in Milton. We can also connect you with other types of shutters in Milton. Contact us today.

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