Kitchen Window Treatments By Milton Blinds

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The kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where everyone gathers for meals, parties; it is just where the family seems to end up! Make your kitchen, even more, inviting with one of our top five suggested window treatments.

Are your kitchen window coverings reachable, above a sink where they could get wet, near the stove where they could get hot and could absorb a crease? Or are they exposed to other difficulties in the kitchen? You should also consider which direction they face, will they receive more sun or shade, and should you pick a material that can stand up to the sun?

For more information regarding window direction, watch this video. If your kitchen has large or high windows or behind the seating, you may want to explore motorization for those hard-to-reach window coverings. Almost all window blinds, shades, and now even shutters come with automation options, including blinds for kitchen windows.

If your windows are in a “safe” location where they are not exposed to much in the way of moisture, heat, or sun, then you can consider fabric options such as roman shades, roller shades, dual shades, zebra blinds, wood shutters and more. These kitchen window coverings are best when they are not exposed to the elements.

If your windows are near the sink and stove or experience a lot of sunlight, you would be best suited to choose from wipe-clean products such as shutters or blinds. These will stand up to the environment and last longer, giving you a better bang for your buck. It will also be simpler to clean these shades, making your kitchen clean-up routine a little simpler.

Cellular Shades cellular shades

These shades provide extra insulation and sound absorption for living on loud streets or drafty windows. The great option of honeycomb shades is that you can have them operate café style, which means top down and bottoms up for maximum control or light and maximum privacy.

Roman Shades

roman shades

Classy and traditional, roman shades have a teardrop style and offer décor value to any room. These shades do not have individual slats but have fabric connecting them for an elegant look. Your fabric options range from bold, patterned, woven, and wood-like to simple, modern, and neutral.

Sheer Shades

sheer shades

For a very soft and gentle light-diffusing effect, choose sheer shades. These shades have a way of transforming sun rays into a tender glow that is perfect for rooms that should be somewhat bright but not glaring or public.

Woven Wood Roller Shades

woven shades

Natural-looking materials add a whole new element to the room, especially bamboo, grasses, and hemp-like materials. These offerings provide an interesting contrast with less natural décor and elevate the look of your kitchen. Woven wood roller shades are available in light filtering and room darkening along with matching valance or custom options.

Faux Wood Blinds and Shutters

faux blinds

If over a kitchen sink or near a prep station, blinds and shutters are a sure thing. Easy to wipe clean and nonporous, they can withstand water, food, and crease. Warranties include no yellowing, and exposure to heat is of no concern for these durable and virtually indestructible windows covering options.

For tips on how to clean your blinds and shutters, watch some of our videos here. To get a price for your kitchen shutters, blinds, or shades, contact us.

Blinds for Kitchen Windows Over Sinks

Which are the best blinds for kitchen windows over sinks? There are several options, but you certainly want to pick something that will be easy to clean. Directly over the sink, these blinds are in the splash zone. They may not get wet every time you do the dishes, but they will wear down faster than other blinds because of their location. It’s important to invest in a high-quality fabric or plastic option for this spot.

Kitchen Window Coverings from Milton Blinds

Whether you need advice about which blinds are best for the kitchen sink window or any other information about blinds for kitchen windows, the professionals at Milton Blinds can help. Contact us today.

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