The Kromendy Trott Team

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The Kormendy Trott Team

I recently had the pleasure of working with Ariel Kormendy from the Kormendy Trott Team.  This powerhouse dual team is shaking up the real estate industry!  Backed up with a customer service-focused office team this real estate team has it covered!!

Milton Blinds assisted with move-in ready blinds for their Hamilton client that was moving from the Milton area to capitalize on value for their money in a new region of Ontario.  Planning and having your windows measured during PDI walkthroughs or visits is a great way to have to get your blinds ordered and into production while awaiting the closing of your new home.

The Kormendy Trott Team Service:

We specialize in residential real estate, assisting buyers, sellers, tenants, landlords, and investors in Halton Region, Peel Region, and surrounding areas. We are a team of professional yet easy-going and down-to-earth people that enjoy helping others. The KT group of companies also includes KT Property Management Inc. which assists our investors to become landlords with ease.

We interviewed Ariel to gain a better perspective on some real estate frequently asked questions:

  1. What are the pros and cons of investment properties?

Real estate in the Province of Ontario specifically has been proven to be one of the soundest long-term investments Globally, but you have to have the time, patience and the right advisors to ensure you are making good decisions for your specific needs as every investor will have different requirements and comfort levels. Like any other investment, there will be a risk, but with no risk, there is no reward!

  1. How does home automation add value to your home?

We’ve been talking a lot about this recently on KT Confidential – the real estate podcast. We believe this is absolutely the current trend of what home buyers are looking for and we will see the popularity and demand increase considerably over the coming years. If you want to ensure some cool tech features in your home and at the same time increase its value and desirability, this is absolutely where you should be spending time and money on.

  1. How has COVID-19 impacted real estate?

It has actually added fuel to the already hot market in the GTA. Many people have different needs in terms of housing during the pandemic. We are seeing people needing more size due to them working from home or having kids in virtual classes, we are getting a lot of shifting of locations such as people moving from bigger cities and wanting more green space to enjoy. We are also receiving many inquiries from those that have had reduced incomes and have to make tough financial decisions, and this year we have certainly had many inquiries from those that are having breakdowns in their marriage or partnerships. All of this coupled together with the historically low-interest rates resulted in our best year as a company in 2020 and there are no signs of it slowing down.

  1. Three things that will turn a buyer off.

  • Lack of maintenance. It shows that the home isn’t properly cared for and will immediately set off red flags to a potential buyer.
  • Dirt and smells. First impressions are everything and walking up to and into a home should be an appeal to all the senses.
  • Over-pricing. If the home is priced too high, it usually doesn’t matter how nice the home is, the buyer will discard the prospect of an offer and move on to the next home.
  1. First-time home buyer tips

There are probably too many to list here, but our biggest advice is to get a good Realtor working for you and with you during and leading up to the process of buying your first home. Having someone consult with you and holding your hand through all of the questions and the rapidly changing markets can be especially important in finding the right home for you and at the right price. A smart initial step before doing your homework on which Realtor you want to hire it is prudent to speak to a Mortgage Agent or Broker and submit all of your financial documents to them for a pre-qualified mortgage to know what exactly you’re able to obtain in terms of the total amount of mortgage as well as the rates, terms, and conditions.

The KT way: In 2011, Ariel Kormendy and Adrian Trott formed The Kormendy Trott Team with the vision of shaking up the real estate industry –and that they did. The foundation of the company is built on providing unmatched value in everything we do. From the ever-expanding, comprehensive list of exclusive services to our highly trained team of real estate agents, you will receive the highest level of care throughout your entire real estate transaction.

Did you Know the Kormendy Trott team routinely creates podcasts, streaming now on SoundCloud, apple, google, stitcher and Spotify?  This is just one example of their commitment and dedication to bringing their clients the latest in real estate news, trends, tips, rental property guidelines, regulation changes, and more.  Their passion for real estate is evident when watching or listening to them collaborate!

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