How to Make a House a Home with Tanya Fernandes of Forest Hill Real Estate

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Tanya Fernandes

Looking for inspiration, home renovation app suggestions, decluttering tips, living greener, lightly creativity and landscape appeal, read more of our interview below:

One of the greatest things about owning your own home is making it your own!  Milton Blinds has the opportunity to be in many new Milton and surrounding neighbourhood (Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown, Mississauga) homes weekly, to converse, share and collaborate on home decoration ideas (blinds, shades, shutters, furniture, colours, lighting and more). Whether this be paint, fixtures, or unique hobby pieces – this makes it uniquely yours!  We find people are always looking for inspiration to improve their home, so we thought we would focus a blog on a few areas that we often hear are subjects of interest.

We recently spoke with Tanya Fernandes of Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. Keystone, located at 254 Main St. E. in Milton to provide us with some helpful tips.

Q: Do you have any design apps that you may suggest for home decorating or home renovations?

A: Houzz and Pinterest are my favourite.

Q: Do you have any tricks for decluttering in the kitchen?

A: Always use organizers and only buy something new if you are ready to discard another item.

Q: Do you have any tips on how to live greener?

A: I only buy things that I need and are purposeful, good quality so that they last longer.

Q: What is your opinion on lighting in a home?

A: Layered lighting is the key to a well lite space. It is one of the elements of design that can make or break a room.

Q: What makes a house a home?

A: The family that lives in it 🙂

Q: Any advise for landscape curb appeal on a budget?

A: DIY – Maintaining a green landscape can certainly be a challenge, however having a routine to manicure your lawn the way you do your nails can save you the expense of hiring the gardener and achieving the same results.

Talking to Tanya, you will experience her enthusiasm and passion for real estate that she seamlessly integrates with her professional interior design skills, resonating through the homes she sells. Tanya believes that her client experience is the Keystone of her success.

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