Milton Home Dressed with California Shutters

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California Basement Shutters

At Milton Blinds we are fortunate to get a lot of repeat business from homeowners renovating their homes, making upgrades or adding additions to their home and finishing basements. We are only too thrilled to work with previous customers on their next window covering project!

Whether it be assisting with basement renovation ideas or educating customer on finishing basement costs at Milton Blinds we always provide complimentary in home consultation where we can review product samples, take precise measurements and provide accuarate pricing information. Window shutters truly enhance the look of any room. Take for example this 2nd floor bathroom, with the addition of waterproof shutters this room is now energy efficient and a perfect solution for high moisture areas.

Bathroom Shutters

Bathroom Shutters

Shop High Quality Shutters

At Milton Blinds all our shutter manufacturer’s offer a 25 year warranty through a simple online registration program. Peace of mind shutters with attractive and competitive pricing. No chipping, cracking, peeling fading make this product virtually indestructible. Suitable for any room in your home.

For more warranty details visit: or

If you are looking for wood shutters, vinyl shutters, blinds, shades or any other window covering product contact us today.

Affordable Shutters

Custom window shutters are now at a lower cost because of the volume we sell!  Take advantage of our seasonal promotions and sometimes free installation service.

Tips and Tricks for Shutters

Want to learn something about shutter you probably didn’t know?  Let us show you how to help your windows breath in the winter month to prevent condensation and decrease the static of your shutters in the dry cooler months.  For these tips and tricks and more visit our videos

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