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Roller Shades

Trying to explain your window size, what the room décor is light, how high a window is situated on a wall, what direction your home faces, how deep your windows sills are?

Many times, when the spring season approaches a common question is what can I do to make my room child’s room darker when the sun is still out at 9 pm or for nap time during the day.

Roller Shades

Calling All Moms & Dads

“Weekends were made for Sleeping-In! As the sun rises earlier, so do your little ones… which means you do too! Buy yourself an extra hour or two of weekend sleep by choosing a kid-friendly, blackout fabric for their room! Sleep is smart, extra sleep is brilliant!”

Sleep is essential to intellectual development, physical growth, mood, appetite and more. Offering complimentary in-home consultations allows Milton Blinds to provide the most accurate window covering solution, whether that be behind an existing product or in front of a window treatment. Here is a perfect example of relying on our expertise with shutters. We know what to look for, ie. window locks and cranks, operational function, depth to the window trim and sill, clearance measurements, and so forth. All these factors and more will influence what window covering additional options you have.

How Milton Blinds Can Help You

With being a shop at home mobile service we can then physical show you window covering sample products and illustrate to you how they would work, review functioning options and choices so they are not only pleasing to the eye but also most convenient for your everyday use. This may be standard string control, cordless, top down/bottom up, motorization, rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries, etc. Our goal is to provide you with window covering options that fit your budget and not overwhelm you with all the window treatment options that may not even be applicable to your scenario or pricing options that are not the right fit for your budget.

Light Filtering, Room Darkening, Blackout – What is the Difference?

For the mom of these two young twins, the goal was to control the heat and equally as important provide a window covering solution that would aid with darkening the room. Although shutters are considered room darkening, depending on which way your home is facing and how sensitive you are to light, you may prefer adding a roller shade behind or in front of the shutter or a cellular shade behind the shutter. In the window covering industry there are light filtering window coverings (ie. faux wood blinds) which allows light to filter through the product when in the down position, room darkening window treatments (shutters) which means when the louvers are in the closed position the shutters should dim or darken the room and then there are blackout products which mean that when they are down no light can filter through the product into the room.

Oakville Blinds

Cost Friendly, Simple and Does the Trick!

In the photo below this customer moved into the home with shutters already and we added simple and sleek white roller shades, to be pulled down when the children would be sleeping. We achieved attractive pricing, meek décor and easy operational window coverings.

Your home is our best showroom and this best helps us help you to the best of our knowledge!

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