Office Essentials: Commercial Window Blinds

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Just like your breakroom microwave and your lobby seating, commercial window coverings are an essential component for your office in Milton. Whether you’re a small dental office or have a major office complex with hundreds of employees, commercial blind window treatments are necessary to protect clients and staff from the sun, complete the space stylistically and offer privacy. We also understand that it can be hard to visualize what a product will look like in your office, which is why we offer on-site consultations with our expert design staff. Book one now to get started, or read on to find out a little more before contacting us.



Your Options for Commercial Window Treatments


There are plenty of ways to get the window treatments you need in your office. Here are six of the most popular options for commercial window coverings:

  • Roller shades: Roofer shades are one sheet of fabric or other material that you can roll down over your windows and back up. They can be very thick to block out light or thinner and more decorative if that’s what your office needs.
  • Vertical blinds: Vertical commercial blinds are an excellent option for offices that need more flexibility with their commercial window coverings. By pulling them back when closed, you can provide one area of the office complete shade and another some beautiful sun. That’s great when employees have competing needs.
  • Window tinting: This is a kind of vinyl you place on the outside of the office building that helps make the whole space more comfortable and even less expensive to cool. Window tinting provides glare reduction, UV protection, solar heat gain, and light reflectance for both your interior and exterior.
  • Window film: Window film is more decorative than tinting, although it still provides practical benefits like privacy. The film can be opaque or translucent and is a great option for exterior or interior glass.
  • Decal logos: Screen printed logos can be put on the roller shades you have so that windows have branding on them even when you close them.
  • Shutters: Shutters are often a residential option, but they can work in certain office environments too. Especially if your office is a converted home, shutters can look beautiful and provide all of the functionality you need.



Benefits for Your Office


What do commercial window coverings offer your business? The benefits are many:

  • Privacy for staff and clients
  • Light control and glare reduction
  • Style and aesthetics
  • Branding and marketing
  • Heat control



Talk to Milton Blinds for Your Commercial Blinds


At Milton Blinds, we offer a wide variety of commercial blind window treatments that can improve and complete your office in Milton. We offer a variety of different styles and colour options so that you can find just the right window coverings for you and your business. Contact us today to get what you need or book an on-site consultation and determine the perfect setup for your professional space that will wow all your guests.

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