Selecting the Perfect Window Covering for You

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Window covering by Milton Blinds & Shutters


It can be both exciting and daunting to look at a blank slate. That might be your experience if you’re reconsidering your window covering options. When you can choose anything, and you’re looking for perfection, you might get overwhelmed.


In this quick guide, we hope to walk you through your basic window covering options so you can quickly start narrowing down which of the three biggest window dressing options might work for you and your home in Milton, the GTA, and the surrounding areas. Or if you want to see what works for you right away, you can contact us to schedule an in-home consultation with one of our expert design professionals to see exactly what your options will look like in your space.


What Makes Blinds Perfect?

Blinds are window dressing options with horizontal slats. Those slats can be made of a wide range of materials. They are also available in different thicknesses. Blinds may be more challenging to clean, but they also tend to be more durable. Plus, they offer more combinations for light and privacy control, which may be important to you.


In general, choose blinds if you like the look, want something durable, and think it’s important to have partial privacy options, like having the blinds drawn down but the slats a bit open.


What Makes Shades Perfect?

Shades are window coverings that are made out of one or more pieces of fabric. That fabric can be almost any material. We have a very large selection of fabric colors and styles, ranging from simple white to complex and bright patterns which might enhance a specific interior design style in your home.


Shades don’t have the same number of options as blinds: they are either open or closed. But, with sheer fabrics, you can let some light in without allowing the neighbors any view of your home. Or, you can choose thick black-out shades which block all of your light. Plus, as they are made of one sheet of fabric, they are simpler to clean.


In general, choose shades if you love the look of a specific fabric, care about ease of cleaning for your window coverings, and don’t need as many light-control and privacy options as blinds offer.


What Makes Shutters Perfect?

Shutters are your third option. They are made of sturdy materials, fitted to your windows, and offer either open or closed functionality for your windows. You can also change how much light they’re letting in at any given moment for when you need that sunlight but don’t want its full force. They are best when you love the style, want to be able to customize how much light you let into your space, and want something that will stay in your home for years.


Get Professional Advice from Milton Blinds

Which is the perfect window covering option for your home in Milton? We can help you sort it out and make the best choice. Try a free in-home consultation from us and reach out today.

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