Plantation Shutters and Curtains for Window Treatments

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Plantation Shutters and Curtains for Window Treatments

Thin, elegant plantation shutters make lovely window treatments. While they were originally designed in the south for southern climates, modern temperature control means they are suitable anyway. They have made their way up as far as Milton, gaining in popularity for the special charm that they add to any home. If you prefer to cut to the chase with a hands-on approach, you can contact us for an in-home consultation with one of our design experts. They can show you exactly what your selection will look like in your space.

If you’d like to know more first and you’re curious about choosing plantation shutters as your own window treatments, you might be wondering: what should you know about them? We have the details on this elegant option below.

Should You Choose Wood?

Classic plantation shutters were all made of wood, and the material still adds a lot of warmth and beauty to a space. However, there are no other materials that you can get for your plantation shutters. You may want to choose them in order to get shutters that are more resistant to moisture or other potential sources of damage. Plantation shutters made out of other materials can look just as good.

Can You Add Motorization?

Yes, you can add motorization to interior shutters for windows. If you have someone in your household who, through disability, illness, or age, may not be able to adjust the shutters then motorization is a great way to make your home more accessible and comfortable for them. Motorization can also link up with your smart home hubs or just help you control your blinds with less stress. You can even set them on a timer to close around whenever it gets dark.

 What Size Should the Louvres Be?

We offer interior shutters for windows with three louver sizes: 2.5 inches, 3.5 inches, and 4.5 inches. There is no wrong choice between these three, but they do create very different looks. Thicker louvers are better for large windows where the large gaps between them look better. The smallest shutters are ideal for smaller windows. Keep in mind that smaller louvers also allow a bit more privacy even when open, because the gaps are smaller and it can be harder for people to see behind them clearly.

What Will They Cost?

Plantation shutters are actually a relatively flexible product that you can adjust to meet your budget. Much of the cost of the shutters depends on how many windows you want to install them on, the size of those windows, and the materials you’d like the shutters to be made out of. We can help you get plantation shutters that are the right price for you.

Speak to Milton Blinds for Help with Plantation Shutters

We can help you pick out the right plantation shutters for your space in Milton. Reach out to us to get started.


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