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Offering high quality at a reasonable cost, roller blinds are a great option for your Oakville home. Roll-up blinds are exactly what they sound like, a blind made from a sheet of fabric or other material that rolls up when not in use. They conveniently add color, texture, and style to any space in your home while providing the functionality you need for privacy and shade.

Why Choose Custom Roller Blinds?

A custom option always has perks. When it comes to custom roller shades, you can expect many different advantages. Your blinds should fit your windows just right, match each other perfectly, and be the exact fabric, color, and pattern that you want. Buying from companies that don’t offer custom options will significantly limit your options for style and color and may force you to get a window covering that doesn’t actually fit with the décor you’ve already worked so hard on. It may also mean that your blinds are too small for your window.

We offer custom window roller blinds so that you can get higher-quality window coverings to your exact specifications to create the room that you want. We also offer in-home consultations and demonstrations with our design team so you can see exactly what your selection will look like in-home before you buy. Contact us now to get started, or read on if you’d like to learn more first.

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The Advantages of Roller Shades

Roller shades in Oakville offer many different advantages, including:

  • Convenience: Due to their rolling mechanism, these shades are simple to operate. This mechanism makes it easy for you to open and close them as you wish.
  • Modern look: These shades have a smooth appearance, without lines, which helps them fit into any modern style. They are streamlined and simple, especially when in neutral colors. Depending on the fabric that you choose, you can make them fit other styles as well.
  • Control: Roller blinds can be open, closed, or any stage between. This gives you control over the exact amount of sun they block or privacy you get.
  • Motorized: You can get motorized blinds for your home or business to make controlling light and privacy even simpler. They’re ideal for any home or commercial office, so you can adjust your light levels without having to leave your workstation.
  • Clean: As they are a single, straight sheet of fabric, these blinds do not collect dust the way that traditional slatted blinds do. They, therefore, are cleaner and simpler to maintain. 

Get Roller Blinds in Oakville

Milton Blinds offers roller blinds near Oakville to homeowners and businesses. Instead of coming to our business, we come to you with the product samples that you want to consider so that you can see them in your home’s own lighting. We want to give you the confidence you need to know that you’re getting the exact look that you’re aiming for in your blinds. Plus, we’ll help make sure that your new blinds will meet your functional needs. Contact us today.

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Roller blinds are window coverings made from a single piece of custom fabric. As you pull them up, they roll, revealing the window behind them and creating a roll of fabric on the end of the blind. When you draw the blind down, the fabric unrolls and reveals itself again.

Roller blinds are simple to operate. There is a tube at the end of the blind that the fabric rolls around. The drawstring that you use to control the blinds is connected to a simple pulley system that pulls the tube up or allows it to drop back down.

Traditional blinds use horizontal pieces of a firm material, usually called louvres or slats. These slats can be open and shut, and also pulled up and pulled down. Roller blinds are made from a single piece of fabric, which means they cannot rotate, they can only be pulled up and pulled down.  

If you’re looking to learn about our fabric selection, we suggest you do an in-home consultation to see what we have on offer and how it would look in your space.

Roller blinds are more convenient than curtains, as you can roll them up and down, instead of pulling them to the side. This gets the fabric out of the way completely. When draw aside, curtains are still in the usable space of your room. This may make roller blinds a better option for you.

Yes. The colors for our products are accurate. In fact, the only photos we post are of our own work. If you’d like to see how our fabrics will look in the light in your home, you can schedule an in-home consultation where we bring various samples to your home.

Yes, our roller blinds and the rest of our custom window dressing products are high quality. We take care to select manufacturers that offer great products that we know our clients can rely on for many years to come. We also care about offering a wide breadth of products so you can get what you want.

No, we do not sell secondhand or used blinds or drapes. However, we are responsible with our extra fabric. We donate the fabric to be used for arts and crafts. You cannot purchase this material but if you have a worthy place to donate it, then we may be interested.

There are several factors that determine how long it takes to get roller blinds. You can get them relatively quickly for local jobs when we’re not too busy and you have a simple order. Complexity, distance, and seasonality all impact how long it takes to get your blinds. But we can give you an estimate.

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