Roller Shades are the Answer

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Roller Shades are the Answer


With so many questions that our clients ask us, roller shades are usually the answer. These simple, flexible, and valuable shades pack a lot of personalities and many features, especially considering their low price point. If you have some unique needs for your window dressing, chances are window roller shades will work for you. If you’re not sure what you want, you can always ask us about an in-person consultation so you can see your options right in your space. Here are questions you might have and, as you guessed, roller shades are the answer.


Which Window Dressing Option is Easiest to Clean?

Cleaning is, of course, a big concern when you’re buying blinds. Who wants to wipe down each slat individually? With roller shades, you don’t have to do that. The shade is one long piece of fabric and won’t collect dust in the same way blinds do. Plus, cleaning the roller shade is as simple as cleaning the window, a single spray, and a wipe-down, helping you cut down on dust and keep your space feeling fresh and clean.


Can Any Window Shade Type Work with All Styles?

While many different window shades work with only a certain style, roller shades are very flexible stylistically. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics in various colors and patterns. As a result, you can find a roller shade to match any interior décor style you’re aiming for. We can help you choose the right one if you’re not sure what will match your space.

Which Window Option Can Get Me “Blackout” Light Blocking?

Shift workers, those with migraines, or anyone with a need to block more of the sunlight will appreciate that roller blinds can come in very thick fabrics which create that “blackout” look. You can control the light in your space completely with thick roller shares, especially if it’s a bedroom or living room.


How Do I Cover Large Windows in a Business Property Economically?

We offer roller shades in commercial grade. They can cover huge windows at a lower price point than many other window-covering options. Plus, they can be motorized or on a timer, making it simple and convenient for your staff to open and close the blinds for your business. This can be convenient to help reduce cooling costs in your property, create the right ambiance for guests, or keep the glaring sun out of your employee’s eyes.


Ask Your Roller Blind Questions Here

If you’re in Milton, there is no one better to answer your window dressing questions than Milton Blinds. Reach out to our team to talk about roller shades, commercial-grade, or any other kind of blinds or shades. If you aren’t sure about what will work for you, we’re happy to provide an in-person consultation to help you see your options as they would be in your space.


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