How Roller Shades Provide Great Home Solutions

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Roller shades may be one of the most underestimated blind options that there are. When you’re having issues with the shades or blinds that you have, you should definitely consider roller shades. Their simplicity can solve many common problems you may currently have around your home. Check out this list of problems and solutions to see if roller shades might provide the right features for you. Or, if you want to get started seeing how they can make a difference around the house right away, you can arrange for an at-home consultation with one of our design experts.


Problem: Your Current Blinds Don’t Blend In

Roman blinds and other options can add a great deal of personality to your space. But, what if that’s not what you want? A statement like that only works in the right design context, especially if you already had a different statement piece in mind for the room. Roller shades are a great option to blend into the background when you want to place your emphasis on other parts of the room. Modern and minimalist styles work very well with the best roller shades.

That’s not to say that plain is all these shades can be. Designer roller shades can have vibrant patterns and intricate fabrics. Take a look through our offerings to find options that will work with your room. You can also book an at-home consultation to see what they look like before you make a decision.


Problem: You Want Better Control Over Light

Sometimes you want some light to come into the room, but not so much as blinds offer. Roller shades can be partly open, while still blocking light completely higher up. This is valuable when you want to keep the sun out of your eyes without closing the space of natural light completely. The best roller shades are popular for home offices for this reason.


Problem 1: Your Current Blinds or Shades are Hard to Manage

Do you or a senior in your home have mobility challenges or conditions that prevent proper grip or arm strength? In that case, it can be a lot to fuss with certain blind types. Not so with roller shades. These are simple to operate and have only one mechanism, to go up and down. If this is still too much, or you just want more convenience, you can always choose motorized roller shades instead.


Problem 2: You’re Tired of Cleaning Blinds

Less dust and dirt collect on roller blinds because they are a single sheet of fabric and not laid horizontally. These shades are much easier to clean than anything with louvers, so you can save yourself some time and effort.


Problem 3: You Don’t Know Where to Buy Roller Shades

We can help you get the best roller shades for your budget and your space. Reach out to us today to discuss. Or if you want to see how your options would look in your home, ask us about an in-home consultation.

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