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Elegant and simple, roman blinds are increasingly popular. Roman blinds and shades are made from one piece of fabric or a fabric-like material that moves up and down on your windows, just like other kinds of blinds. They appear to elegantly fold up, like an accordion, making for a more sophisticated look than other slat-based blinds. If you contact us now, we can set you up with an in-home consultation and showing so you can see exactly what our selections will look like in your space.

Advantages of Roman Blinds in Oakville

These blinds are a great option for any home. They have the advantages of many other blinds types in that they help you control light, heat, and your privacy. Plus, they have many style options that add sophistication to your home, whether you want something modern or something with a lot of character. They are simple to operate, with a single mechanism to draw them up and down. Plus, they offer consistent privacy because there is no space between the slats; it is just a single piece of fabric.

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Types of Roman Blinds

There are many different kinds of roman blinds, including:

  • Flat: These are the essential blind. They’re elegant and have no stiff inner parts, just the fabric.
  • Relaxed: With a curve at the bottom, these blinds go well with styles popular in warm climates. If your Oakville home has a bit of southern or beach inspiration, they may be exactly what you need.
  • Hobbled: These have horizontal bars sewn into them, offering more structure and a more dramatically folded look.
  • Balloon: With a ribbon or strip of fabric down their center, these blinds make an elegant shape on the bottom and add extra flair. They can be more feminine and are great in classically styled homes.
  • Top-down: If you like blinds mostly for privacy, you’ll love that these blinds move from the top down. You get sunshine up top and privacy on the bottom of the blind.

While other kinds of roman blinds can look great, find that flat blinds work best in most modern homes in the area, so this is what Milton Blinds stocks. 

Why Choose Milton Blinds?

Milton Blinds is dedicated to offering a wide range of materials and styles for your blinds. We offer high-quality roman blinds near Oakville. Every member of our dedicated team will be happy to help you find the exact right blinds for your home. We do in-house consultations, bringing you the samples you’re considering to look at in the actual light conditions in your home. By visiting your home, we make sure that you get the blinds that are most practical and stylish for your needs and tastes. Milton Blinds’ team is dedicated to bringing you home design excellence in everything we do. Contact us today to discuss roman blinds or other blinds you’re considering.


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Roman blinds are a type of window covering made from a single piece of fabric. It lays flat when drawn down and folds up when you pull the drawstring. When up, these folds create an elegant, ridged appearance that further shows off the fabric that you have chosen for your blind.

They can be. We love Roman blinds for the sophisticated, elegant look that they create. We also love that there is such a wide choice of materials for these blinds so you can get just what you want. But whether they are worth it for you or not depends on your priorities.

Roman blinds and roman shades are two terms that are often used interchangeably and mean the same thing. Technically, blinds have horizontal bars that give the window dressing structure, while shades are completely without structure. We use both terms so that you don’t get confused.

Roman blinds are great window coverings that offer many benefits for your home. Roman blinds offer unusual looks that work well with a wide variety of home styles. They also offer privacy and light control. You can use them with a thicker fabric if you want to enhance their light control.

Roman blinds can be custom-made to hang down as you’d like. They can just cover the window, no matter how long or short that window is. Or you can choose to install Roman blinds that will hang down below your windows to enhance the style of the room and space.

Yes, Roman blinds are suitable for bedrooms, especially if you choose a fabric that allows for a “blackout” effect. You can use Roman blinds to add a kind of plush, elegant feel to the bedroom, which many people do want to cultivate. When you use a thick fabric for your Roman shades you can block more light and make your bedroom more comfortable.

When you’re choosing a shade, you should focus on what you think looks good. If you love Roman shades, then you can certainly find room for them in your home. Whether or not they are on-trend and will be well-perceived by others really depends on the times and what is popular. But we’re all about helping you find what you like the looks of.

Yes, you can put Roman blinds in a kitchen. However, you may want to be careful about what kind of material you choose for your Roman blinds when they will be exposed to the moisture and liquids of the kitchen. You’ll need to clean blinds here more than you would blinds in other spaces of your home.

This depends on their environment and placement. If you have a lot of pets and rambunctious children, for instance, they may not last as long if you’re not careful. We’d be happy to discuss longevity plans with you during your consultation.

Because so many of our jobs are custom, this can vary quite a bit. Determining factors are the type of fabric, the length and width of the blinds, and how many you need in total. We would be happy to give you an accurate figure during your consultation.

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