Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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patio door roller shade

The average person moves about 11 times in a lifetime.  While some people may stay in a home for many years, others may often move from place to place.  It is an influential factor when purchasing home furnishing, making decisions regarding upgrades, home expansions, or home renovations.

Owning a home is a huge personal investment.  It is more than likely the most expensive purchase of your life and will cost the most to maintain out of all the items you purchase in life.  Between utility bills (hydro, water, electricity, gas), property taxes, insurance, maintenance (furnace, roof, windows, floors, plumbing), and mortgage, for a high population, this will be the majority of someone’s paycheck.

Maintaining a home takes time, decisions, and money.  There is an advantage to educating yourself before making these decisions as certain choices will increase the value of your home, and others will retain that price or decrease it.

Here is a safe checklist to use when purchasing window blinds for your home:

  1. Resale Value
  2. Curbside Appeal
  3. Likeability to the Masses
  4. Functionality
  5. Energy Efficiency


Questions about blinds to ask yourself:

  • Am I choosing a window treatment that is commonly used for this space? Does it make sense to have this product in this room?
  • Does my home’s exterior have continuity? Does this product enhance the exterior view of my home?
  • Would this type of blind have a broad appeal? Is it neutral in color and subtle yet complimenting the existing décor?
  • Is this window treatment easy to operate? Should I add motorization to this blind?
  • Does this window covering solution effectively help regulate heat?

If you’re unsure of these answers to your blind questions, have a window covering specialist at Milton Blinds guide you during an in-home consultation to make the best decision about your window blinds for your home.  Complimentary shop at home consultations offered in Milton and surrounding areas.

At Milton Blinds, we have a large selection of Roller shades and Roller blinds to choose from.  We have hues of grays, taupe, mineral colors, browns, beiges, creams, and ivory, along with many shades of warm white and cool white. Roller shade opaqueness varies, presenting options in every category of privacy, ultraviolet protection, and heat control.  Roller blinds can be solid in color, textured, or patterned.  We categorized our roller shades into two categories:

  • Solar Screen Roller Blinds
  • Designer Fabric Roller Shades

Solar screen roller blinds are often used for commercial spaces such as office blinds, hospital blinds, doctor office blinds, commercial blinds, sometimes residential interior blinds, patio door blinds, and outdoor blinds.

Designer fabric roller shades are most often used for home window blinds, such as:

  • Blackout bedroom blinds
  • Kitchen blinds
  • Laundry room blinds
  • Living room blinds
  • Front door blinds

We also have had some clients use them for office blinds (especially in the design industry).

To book your FREE in-home consultation, send us measurements for pricing information, or request to view our online directory of fabrics, contact us at!

To learn more about our customer’s experiences with purchasing roller shades and roller blinds, read what our customers are saying.

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