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Window Shutters

Here is a Rockwood home with multiple doors, side door windows and garden door to the back yard. Wanting to be uninformed yet energy efficient with all products and functional, shutters was the perfect window covering solution

Shutters vs. Other Window Covering Solutions for a Front Door

Plantation Style ShuttersInstalling plantation shutters for front doors, garden doors or patio doors is an elegant alternative to the traditional vertical blind or horizontal blind that both blows in the breeze and can be flimsy at times. If a fabric shade or window covering product with fabric, the dust particles are carried in the ventilation and usually gets trapped in the fabric and adds to the maintenance of this style of window covering fashion. Shutters on doors eliminate the banging of blinds (faux wood blinds, mini blinds, roller shades cellular shades), chains or cords when the doors are opened or closed. Shutters mount directly on the face of the door and over the glass area only. Shutters allow you to only cover the window portion of the door and in this case showcase the classy black trimmed outdoor which is wonderful at picking out other black accents in a room. Repeating this look on front and back doors to match or all doors in a come creates a cohesive vibe.


Shutters for Side Door Windows and Backyard Doors

Windows near the front door or side door windows can be dressed with California Plantation Style Shutters as well for a consist look through the home and curb side appeal. Take a look at this front door photo with matching side door shutters and back yard door shutter. Tilt bars can designed to be on the front and side of the shutter or back and side of the shutters. In this case, we chose the front and side to minimize the depth of the shutter into the room. All shutter panels are functional and have the ability to be open and be completely removed for cleaning purposes.

Customized Shutters For Any Solution

Shutters are custom made to fit any window opening for a beautiful look and as equally important is the functionality of this window shade solution for doors. With a variety of framing sizes, almost any window/door can be customized with shutters.

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