Using Shutters to Enhance the Aesthetics of a Building

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shutters for light control

Shutters are a great option not just to add function to your home but also add style, enhance curb appeal, and potentially even boost the value of your home. But you have to add the right style and color of shutters to make the most of this opportunity. Learn how shutters can enhance your building’s aesthetic and some mistakes to avoid, such as adding fake shutters.


Shutters Emphasize Your Home’s Style


Many different styles of shutters harken back to older home styles. For example, California shutters in Milton are associated with southern plantation homes. Adding these shutters can help restore the historic look of your home. Or, they can add a sense of history and gravitas to a home that’s more on the modern side. You just have to be careful about what style you add to what kind of home. We can help you select the right style with a personalized in-home consultation with one of our experts.


Shutters Help Achieve Visual Balance


When your windows have properly sized shutters flanking them, they add balance to the windows and make them look bigger. This is one reason that you should install real shutters, which have to be half of the size of the window, each, to work. This creates a pleasing visual harmony.


Highlight with Shutters


When you think of California shutters, you think of lovely white accents to your home. White is a great choice for modern homes, and we carry various shades of it to fit your décor style. Get your shutters to match your door and garage to add that color throughout the rest of the home’. Shutters can allow you to accent the other colors of your home that help it stand out in Oakville. If you know that you want to add some flair, but are afraid that you won’t make the right choice, don’t worry. We offer in-home consultation services with our design team to make sure you get that professional look every time.


Why Not Add Fake Shutters?


Fake shutters can look good in some circumstances, but they can also be a big faux pas. Big windows with small shutters can look odd. It can also look odd to have blinds or curtains on windows that have fake shutters. You also won’t get the benefits of real shutters when you choose a fake version, including light control and privacy. You’ll get more value from real shutters than fake ones. If you’re worried about pricing, we have a range of materials available to match your budgetary needs.


Talk to Milton Blinds for the Right Shutters


Milton Blinds offers many shutter options, including California shutters in Milton and Oakville. We care about making your home come alive with the right window coverings. That’s why our team works closely with you whenever you’re looking to update your home. Contact us today to talk about how shutters can make your home look better, inside and out.

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