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Looking for a window covering solution for sliding patio doors, large windows, condo living, commercial spaces or floor to ceiling windows? Custom Vertical blinds are functional and provide maximum light control with the added flexibility or having many different positions: completely open, ½ way open, drawn and open, drawn and close. This product can be light filtering, room darkening and even blackout. With a simple chain operation for tilting the vanes and cord operation for sliding the vertical vanes from side to side.

How to Care for Vertical blinds?

Vinyl vertical blinds are very low maintenance and easy to clean. Because of the vertical position dust does not settle on this product but if you feel the need to clean, use a damp cloth and wipe.

How do you Measure For Vertical Blinds?

For pricing information just provide us with the largest width and height in inches. For ordering purposes book a complimentary in home consultation where we can take the measurements, reviewing with you if this window treatment will be an inside mount or outside mount and what valance options you have. Vertical blinds can go up to 212” in width and 144” in height and is a perfect product for any oversized patio door, window, condo living.

Can I purchase replacement vertical vanes?

Yes! We have a large selection to choose from and can customize the height to match your existing blinds. Simply send us a photo of your current vertical blind vane or book an appointment for us to come to you with samples.

Can you customize
how the blinds open?

Yes! You can have custom vertical blinds draw from right to left or from left to right or have them open in the center. We can assist you with making this decision once on site and seeing the layout of your room, furniture and window shape and design.

Our vinyl vertical blinds are a reliable classic that offers a simple and affordable solution for any space in your home. These vertical blinds come in numerous colors/options and they are very easy to use and maintain. We have a simple, smooth finish collection of neutral colors that are budget friendly and range to textured, vibrant colors with design and patterns.

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Vertical blinds are a window dressing with stiff slats but, unlike horizontal blinds, these slats run horizontally. The slats can be turned open and closed just like horizontal blinds. The slat can also be drawn to one side to be completely opened, just like horizontal blinds are drawn up.

A set of vertical blinds can run a wide range of costs. We offer many different custom vertical blind products and can work with you to find the right vertical blind for your budget. When you work with us, you will always know the cost of your vertical blinds before you commit to them.

Technically you can, however, we strongly recommend that you always get professionals to install any blind products. Among other reasons to not do this, if you install the blinds yourself, you may not be eligible for the warranties that the supplier or the manufacturer offer.

Sure, vertical blinds were more popular in the past, but they are getting into vogue again. How do you modernize them? Sticking with white blinds is a great way to achieve this, as white is the premier modern neutral color. You can also ensure that the space around the blinds is clutter-free.

The widest you can go is 212”, please book a consultation and we’d be happy to get into the specifics with you.

Both vertical and horizontal blinds have their place in different homes. There’s no exact answer as to which is best other than which works with your home and your tastes best. Some people prefer the practicality of vertical blinds as they can be installed over doors. Others prefer horizontal blinds.

Venetian blinds are horizontal blinds that may be held together by a strip of fabric or by a cord and pulley system. The slats are typically two inches and are made of aluminum, plastic, or wood. Vertical blinds run horizontally and do not feature fabric, instead relying only on a cord and pulley system.

It depends. Vertical blinds are more challenging to install than horizontal blinds because they are typically longer. For a professional, all kinds of blinds are easy to install, but vertical blinds certainly take a bit more time. We don’t recommend that homeowners attempt to install these blinds themselves. 

Vertical blinds should be replaced when you feel like they need to be replaced. They may wear out, becoming damaged, dull, or bent. Or you may find that you no longer like the style or feel like the style is too dated to keep using the blinds in your home.

That depends on how you leave them. If you have your vertical blinds drawn across the window at night, you can either leave the slats turned open, or leave the slats turned closed. When closed you should not be able to see through the vertical blinds. When they are open, you should.

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