Vertical Blinds: Today’s Option for Window Treatments

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Vertical Blinds - Today's Option for Window Treatments

When you think of vertical blinds you may think of decades that have gone by. It’s true that vertical blinds were more popular in the past. However, they are making a resurgence, and for good reason. Unlike horizontal blinds, vertical blinds let you control the view out your window. They give you more light and privacy control, in two different dimensions to control how much they are drawn across the window and how much the blinds themselves are turned open or closed. If you’re looking for a more flexible option for your commercial blinds or home blinds, then you might want to look into vertical blinds. And if you’re ever having trouble figuring out what might work best for your space, feel free to reach out to us and ask about an in-person consultation.


History of Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds were invented in the 50’s and reached greater popularity first in the 60’s. In the 70’s we got thicker, stiffer vertical blinds with a few more fabric options. However, many people found that there were still too few options.


These blinds were invented in Kansas City, Missouri, by Edward and Frederick Bopp. Perhaps it was the intense Missouri sun that inspired this very practical blind style. All we know is that the Bopp brothers sold their patent on the blinds and now a multitude of blind manufacturers produce them. We’re happy to say that we stock a wide variety of them so you can customize your space and have it serve you exactly how you need.


Advantages of Vertical Blinds  


There are many advantages to vertical blinds that you might be interested in:

  • Easy-to-clean: While horizontal blinds collect dust quickly, vertical blinds do not. You’ll find that you have to clean them less often and when you do have to clean them it is significantly simpler. Your allergies will thank you.
  • Light control: Vertical blinds can be drawn closed or open, and the slats themselves can move to allow in some light even when closed. Or they can be closed to block out all light or to keep your space cooler during the hot summer months. You have many more options to get just the right lighting when you own vertical blinds.
  • Privacy control: Have you ever wanted more sunlight to come into your home, but still block the neighbour’s view? You can achieve this with vertical blinds. You can adjust the blinds to get the perfect amount of light and privacy for your needs.


Vertical Blinds in Milton


If you’re looking for blinds in Milton, then you have found the right people. The team at Milton Blinds is here to help you get the window dressing options you’re looking for. Contact us today to talk about vertical blinds, commercial blinds, or other options. And if you’d like to see your options in your space in-person, don’t hesitate to ask us about our in-person consultations.

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