What Every Parent Needs to Know About Daylight Savings Time!

Help your little ones transition to a new bedtime and wake-up time with the right blinds and shutters.

Twice a year we switch the clocks, first forward an hour and then back an hour. Seems simple enough, that is, unless you have little ones in the house. Studies have shown that children, especially babies, rely on darkness to create a soothing comfort that helps them drift off and stay asleep. The loss of even just one hour of sleep can greatly affect your child’s attention span, appetite, and overall mood.

“Sleeping children are precious” cites Vikki Lynn Rozon, Owner of Milton Blinds. As parents, there are a few things you can do to help your little ones transition to a new bedtime and wake-up time. Stay consistent with bedtime routines, don’t try and overtire your little ones before bed, and take control of the room’s lighting by making it a darker place for your little one to cuddle up and drift off.


“We carry a large selection of blackout shades and blinds that block out the sunlight and are designed especially for nurseries and children’s bedrooms. The fabrics include bright colours, fun patterns, and some that even glow in the dark” says Vikki. “Leading up to daylight savings time in March, we encourage parents to plan ahead and allow for up to three weeks to have the new blinds or shades ordered and installed to coincide with the time shift” Vikki added.

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