What To Know When Shopping For Blinds

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What To Know When Shopping For Blinds

Hire The Experts!

There are many things that homeowners can do themselves around their homes, such as painting, touching up holes in the wall, adding trim to the doorway or windows, or even changing out a toilet. However, when it comes to blinds, it can become complicated, and you will want a professional to help with this.

Why Are Blinds Tricky to Order On Your Own?

Here are a few things you may not consider while ordering blinds on your own:

  1. Inside Mount vs. Outside Mount vs End Mount

There is a huge difference between all three of these mounting options, each requiring different measurements for production in terms of width and height, manufacturing deductions and brackets for installation on window trims verses wall mounts or end mount blind brackets.

  1. Blinds Functioning Clearance

You need to look around the window to ensure there are no obstacles in the way of operating the blind or shutter.  For blinds, you will need to consider tilting, raising, or lowering. For Shutters, you will need to consider hinge style and opening panels. There may be a pendant light over a kitchen sink, molding from a cabinet, bulkhead, drywall, slanted ceilings in basements, window cranks or locks, European style windows, and more that you will need to consider when selecting your blinds/shutters.

  1. Blind and Shutter Colours

It is imperative that colour choices are chosen in the home that the window coverings will be installed in, unless paint samples are provided, but even then, lighting can alter how a colour can appear. For example, white can look cooler or warmer when under fluorescent lighting or warm lighting. You really want the white in your window coverings to match your window trim, baseboards, or nearby cupboards so that everything in your home matches. Hues of blue, grey, and taupe can also differ from natural light verses artificial light and many fabrics will appear different in various homes as well.

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The considerations listed above are just 3 reasons why you need to hire the experts for your window coverings, but I may write another blog sometime and share the expanded version of this topic.  I can’t go without mentioning the cost of a mistake. Trying to save yourself a few dollars can result in you ending up costing yourself more in the long run.

This can all be avoided by booking our free in-home consultation service where we bring our showroom to you. Our shop at home services allows our window covering specialists to make recommendations on site after seeing your windows and space.  We can truly learn more about your project, home reno, budget, and priorities this way.

Tell us about your window covering needs by filling out our online inquiry form and submitting your details Blinds Oakville | Blind Stores in Milton & Mississauga (miltonblinds.com)

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Our website has many resources available to assist you with your blind and shutter needs: Videos, photos, blogs, testimonials…you name, we got you covered!




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