Which way should your commercial blinds be positioned?

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Summers can be hot and intense!  Energy bills spike and air conditioners work hard. Blinds are hopefully drawn during peak direct sun times to reduce the heat in your home.  Comfortable temperatures are key to your mood, energy level, and productivity. No one wants to be cranky because of the heat!

Luckily there are quick and simple things you can do with your blinds in Milton, so they are working at their best for you. Milton Blinds can provide you with heat control and a break from the hot weather. Faux wood blinds and mini blinds, along with vertical blinds and shutters you can functionally tilt the slats to redirect the UV rays in one direction or another.  This is not comparable to fabric blinds such as: zebra blinds, honeycomb shades, roller blinds, roman shades, panel track blinds and sheer shades.

Does it Really Make a Difference?


It drastically makes a difference being aware of which way the slats on your shutters or blinds in Oakville are facing and will result in energy efficiency for your home.  If your window coverings are not positioned for the season or weather, you may be welcoming all the warm air in and increasing temperatures in your home.  To keep your home cool, tilt the blinds up in the summer months and down in the winter months.  This will reduce heat from entering your family room, bedroom, kitchen (any space in your home).

Pros & Cons Outlined by Window Covering Category:

Blinds Up: Rounded Side Facing Out


  • When the blinds are tilted up, you provide for more privacy.
  • When tilting blinds up, you have the option to limit visibility in your room from the outside with better light control.
  • Upward positioning of blinds facilitates the direct flow of heat upwards. This deflects heat and keeps your home cool.


  • When your blinds’ round sides are facing out, it exposes their sharper edges with the opportunity to hang unevenly.
  • Sunlight moves more towards the ceiling instead of the center of the room where you need it the most.

Blinds Down: Rounded Side Facing In


  • It creates a softer look from the rounded side that fills the space with a sense of ease.
  • Tilting the blinds down significantly helps direct heat towards the center of the room, allowing you to optimally tap natural heat sources in the winter.
  • In the summer, this allows warm air to flow outside, reducing your cooling costs.
  • When your commercial blinds are facing down, more light can stream in from the sun, which will flow towards the center of your living space, where it is most useful.


  • Tilting blinds down allows for less privacy, one can easily have a peek into your surroundings and activities inside your house.


Top Blinds in Milton for Heat Control:

  • Vertical Blinds – These work phenomenally as a window covering. They offer many positions and light control options. Vertical blinds are considered room darkened and have lots of versatility.
  • Faux Wood Blinds – Faux blinds are very versatile, and you can tilt up or down, open or closed.
  • Roller Shades – Roller shades are one flat panel of fabric that you can roll up or down or keep halfway. Roller shades are available in UV solar screen fabrics, blackout and light filtering.
  • Zebra Blinds – Zebra blinds are 2 layers of fabric that roller over one another and can be adjusted for full light control or partial light control. The sheer and opaque sections of fabric on zebra blinds offer much flexibility.
  • Honeycomb Shades – Honeycomb shades are most energy efficient when infused with foil for blackout shades. They can operate top down or bottom up and with controls or cordless.  These blinds are great for bedrooms, theater rooms, or in the light filtering linen fabrics for living rooms and family rooms.


There are many types of blinds in Oakville to choose from: honeycomb shades, roller shades, vertical blinds, roman shades, window shutters, panel track blinds, zebra blinds, and all of them can be effective when you know how to use the best in the different Canadian seasons. Enjoy your home in the heat of summer or cool chilling winters in the best energy efficient window covering way.

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