Why Vertical Blinds?

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Vertical Blinds Milton

Here is a list of commonly asked questions when it comes to window coverings and verticals blinds.  Why choose vertical blinds, what windows or doors can vertical blinds be used for?  What are the pros and cons of verticals and more?  We hope you enjoy this read.

Are Vertical Blinds Still Popular?

Yes, they are because of their easy to use controls and versatility.  Vertical blinds can also be used for any window, door, even angle shaped window.

Why Choose Vertical Blinds for a Patio Door?

Vertical Blinds completely cover a patio door from side to side and top to bottom for maximum light control and privacy when desired.  You can also have drawn across and open or completely open for full view outdoors.

Why are Vertical Blinds a Common Rental Property Choice?

  • Easy to operate.
  • Simple to clean.
  • They offer blackout, room darkening and an uninterrupted view when in the fully open position.

Are Vertical Blinds Child Safe?

We do not recommend that you put any furniture or bedding near a window or window covering. Child safety mechanisms are available at no extra charge to secure the chain and cord operation into the window trim for an inside mount vertical blind, and to the wall for an outside mount vertical blind.

Can I Replace a Vertical Blind Vane only?

Yes, we can match up with your existing blinds and order you the part you need. We can supply you with one vertical vane or multiple.

How to Measure for a Vertical Blind?

At Milton Blinds, we do the measuring for you so there is no room for error, however if you are interested in taking measurements this is how you would do so:

Inside Mount Vertical Measuring:

  1. Measure inside the window trim and the top, middle and bottom. You need the blind to fit within the window trim, especially the tracking at the top.
  2. Measure the height from inside the trim to the bottom on the left side, center and right side. Go with the shortest height or to custom cut the vertical vanes on site go with the largest height.

Outside Mount Vertical Measuring:

  1. Measure the outside of the window trim at the top, middle and bottom. Use the larges width. Add a couple inches for the vertical vanes to cover the window opening completely.  The track will be the largest piece.
  2. Measure the height on the left side, centre and right side and go with the largest height. Add a couple inches for the brackets.

Know your supplier deductions so there is no miscommunication with the final measurements and blind or shade product.

At Milton Blinds, we have a colossal selection of simple, neutral smooth colors to choose from through to a rainbow of colors, designs and finishes.

Please find a list of our large selection of textures, colors and patterns to choose from in Vertical Blinds below:

Americana Canyon Cordova Blue Odessa Blue
Americana Ivory Cordova Green Odessa Burgundy
Americana Perwinkle Cordova Ivory Odessa Charcoal
Americana Sage Cordova Sand Odessa Forest Green
Americana Tan Cordova Taupe Odessa Ivory
Americana Taupe Cordova White Odessa Lavender
Americana Twilight Embossed Oyster Odessa Off White
Americana White Embossed Pearl Odessa Sage
Aspiration Bronze Embossed White Odessa White
Aspiration Gold Fanfare Butterscotch Ovation Ivory
Aspiration Silver Fanfare Gold Ovation Light Gray
Biscayne Alabaster Fanfare Gray Ovation Off White
Biscayne Aloe Fanfare Ivory Ovation White
Biscayne Husk Fanfare Off White Parisian Blue
Biscayne Taupe Fanfare Soft White Parisian Cameo
Biscayne Thyme Firenza Blue Parisian Clay
Biscayne White Firenza Green Parisian Green
Bono Blush Firenza Rose Parisian Ivory
Bono Cedar Firenza Sand Parisian White
Bono Cornsilk Firenza Taupe Perforated Gray
Bono Ivory Firenza White Perforated Ivory
Bono Off White Herrinbone Bisque Perforated White
Bono White Herrinbone Celery Provincial Bronze
Bordeau Blue Herrinbone Golden Provincial Colonial
Bordeau Emerald Herrinbone Straw Provincial Cornsilk
Bordeau Gold Herrinbone Tarragon Provincial Graphite
Bordeau Ivory Herrinbone Taupe Provincial Honey Bronze
Bordeau Light Pink Infinity Bronze Provincial Linen
Bordeau Mocha Infinity Currency Provincial Raven
Bordeau Sapphire Infinity Gold Provincial Shimmer
Bordeau Silver Infinity Satin Rome Almond
Bordeau Soft White Infinity Silver Rome Brass
Bordeau Taupe Infinity Stainless Rome Emerald
Calypso Black Infinity Treasure Rome Garnet
Calypso Off White Isabella Aqua Rome Midnight
Calypso Rose Isabella Blue Rome Terracotta
Calypso Teal Isabella Coral Rosalie Claret
Calypso White Isabella Ivory Rosalie Mink
Capri Cream Isabella Light Pink Rosalie Nougat
Capri Ivory Isabella Sage Rosalie Onyx
Capri Light Blue Isabella Tan Roselie Antique
Capri Off White Isabella Taupe Terrace Antique Gold
Capri Olive Isabella White Terrace Buff
Capri Soft White Isis Beige Terrace Frost
Capri Tan Isis Dark Blue Terrace Pistachio
Capri White Isis Ivory Terrace Sienna
Capypso Ivory Isis Jade Venice Celadon
Cardigan Buff Isis Off White Venice Ecru
Cardigan Camel Isis Rose Venice Flax
Cardigan Latte Isis White Venice Lilac
Cardigan Mint Isis Yellow Venice Maple
Cardigan Rose Island Almond Venice Pueblo
Cardigan Sky Island Clove Venice Shale Blue
Confetti Blue Island Gold Venice Umber
Confetti Ivory Island Palm Venice Woodrose
Confetti Mauve Island Russet Viscaya Pale Pink
Confetti Off White Island Sand Viscaya Sand
Confetti Sage Luxor Black Vizacaya White
Confetti Soft White Luxor Gold Vizcaya Ivory
Confetti Tan Luxor Silver Vizcaya Pale Blue
  Maestro Ivory Vizcaya Pale Mint
  Maestro Light Gray Vizcaya Taupe
  Maestro Off White Whimsical Glacier
  Maestro Soft White Whimsical Indigo
  Maestro White Whimsical Ivory
    Whimsical Maroon
    Whimsical Peapod
    Whimsical Taupe

If you have questions about your windows, blinds, shades, shutters or any other related residential or commercial window treatment please contact us as we would be more than happy to assist, advise or consult you on your window covering needs.
For an in-home consultation where we bring the samples to view under your lighting and with your décor contact us today.

About Milton Blinds
At Milton Blinds, we are continuously researching the latest in design, technology, and quality of window covering products. We recognize your time is valuable. We want to save you the time of shopping and researching the vase collection of blinds, shades, and shutters that are available. We also aim to bring you the most competitively priced window treatments for your living spaces and bedrooms. To receive a personalized consultation, book a consultation.

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