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Window Covering

We thought it would be beneficial to share window covering treatment words, terms and descriptions of what these words mean.  All trades have their own terminology for parts and specifications to describe options available, here are a few from Milton Blinds:

Inside Mount

This is when a blind, shade or shutter is installed within the existing window trim.

Outside Mount

This is when a blind, shade or shutter is installed outside or on the window trim.


Verticals consist of multiple PVC vanes of material in smooth or textured designs that move from side to side over a large window or can be adjusted to have full privacy or see out through the vanes when in the open position.  They operate with chain and cord controls to guide the vanes.

Roman Shades

Roman shades refer to one section of fabric that fits inside or outside of a window and that rises and lower up and down with a string/cord controls.  This flat panel roman style with pleats and teardrop style when raised is our design.

Opacity Openness Factor

This refers to how much light comes through the fabric and this can be measured using a few different scales 1-3 or percentages out of 100.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds or Roller shades can be used for residential or commercial use.  They are one flat piece of fabric that simply roll up and down by chain operation or motorization.


There are a variety of valance options to choose from and dependant on the window covering treatment.  PVC vertical valances, curved metal wrapped with fabric or square valances.  This is intended to hide the roller shade tubing or vertical track or faux wood blind headrail.


Aluminum cover for window treatments, mostly used for commercial window coverings.

Panel Track Blinds

Panel tracks are like verticals but with larger vanes/panels and of fabric.  Panels range from 10” to 50” and offer a very modern presence.


This is a ball that is placed on the chain operation of a roller shade blind that limits the shade from being lowered past the window trim or further onto the floor of a patio blind.

Chain Connector

This is a small piece that allows you to connect two pieces of chain together for a continuous loop.


This is a metal piece that is used to mount a blind or shade to a window with screws.

Hold Down Bracket

This used with mini blinds or faux wood blinds to hold the bottom rail down and prevent it from moving on door installation.

Child Safety Mechanism

This is a device to make the chain taut and unable to move away from the window area.


The allows the brackets to be concealed on the headrail of a blind or shade when an outside mount installation.

Reverse Roll

When the fabric is rolled from the front of the tubing as opposed to the back of a roller shade.


Used for manual chain operated roller shades, dual shades, zebra blinds or any panel lifting blind.

We hope that you found this clarification of window covering terms and words helpful for when making your blind, shade or shutter purchase.

We review all window treatment details in length during the in-home consultation process to ensure you are making an educated and confident decision.  Everything is custom ordered.  As a result, we can pick out everything!

Window Shutter

Details are important to perfect window coverings for your individual needs, whether this is budget, aesthetics or functionality.  We are here to help!

If searching for custom window covering treatments be sure to reach out to us!  Servicing the Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, Georgetown, Acton, Rockwood areas with a FREE in-home consultation service.  With over 13 years of experience, we can design extraordinary window covering solutions for any room in your home.

About Milton Blinds

At Milton Blinds, we are continuously researching the latest in design, technology, and quality of window covering products. We recognize your time is valuable. We want to save you the time of shopping and researching the vase collection of blinds, shades, and shutters that are available. We also aim to bring you the most competitively priced window treatments for your living spaces and bedrooms. To receive a personalized consultation, book a consultation:

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