Window Shades: A Simple Solution to Control Light and Privacy

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Light can change how you experience your home very dramatically. Everyone has experienced the annoyance of getting a glare on your screen while you’re trying to watch something or play a game. Perhaps you’ve also had the desire to keep the lights on while it’s dark out, but felt exposed to those outside your window that you cannot see? Controlling light can even be a practical matter. In the intense Oakville summer, allowing the sunlight into your home can significantly raise its temperature, meaning your air conditioner must work harder.


How do you get more control over your home and how you feel in it? Quality window shades from a trusted provider in Oakville are the solution. They beautify your home while giving you a say in how much light and heat you let into your home. Here are some window shade types you should consider and how they can help you control light and privacy in your home in Oakville.


Roller Shades


These are an affordable and simple way to dress your windows. Unlike other options, these shades are made of one sheet of material, without gaps. Their main advantage is simplicity. You just pull them down to close them, and that’s it. They do not need to be closed all the way, so you have some control over how much light you let into your home.


Roman Shades


Also constituted of a single piece of fabric, they fall differently than roller shades. Flat roman shades hang straight, under their own weight, with elegance. Relaxed, or soft roman shades have a curve at the bottom instead of straight line. They have much the same light and privacy control as roller shades, but with an added flair. These shades can have all manner of patterns on them if you wish, so feel free to let us know what you would like to add to liven up your windows and bring your own personal touch to another aspect of your home.


Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds give you more privacy and light control than shades because you can adjust how open they are. When they are half closed, vertical blinds provide privacy, but also allow partial light into the space. If you want to close them all the way, quality vertical blinds can provide something close to blackout, so that very little light, if any, gets into your space. It is ideal for movie night in your living room or playing a fun game on the TV together!


Get Control with Shades from Milton Blinds


You should be able to control how you feel in your home, and our window shades and blinds can get you as much control as you like. At Milton Blinds, we offer roller shades, roman shades, and many more blind types to those in Oakville, ON. Choose us for energy-efficient, UV protective, and child-friendly shade options that can get you more privacy and light control, in any space. Get started with us today and book a consultation or an in-person showing.

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