Window Shutters and Blinds: The Best Window Treatment Options

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patio door shutters and blinds in milton

Homes and business properties are greatly enhanced by the right window shutters or blinds. They can enhance the style of your space, add privacy, energy-efficiency, and much more. Still, there are so many types of blinds and shutters that you can get a bit overwhelmed. Which is right for you? It depends on the kind of home or business you have. We’ll walk through your best options for many types of properties in Oakville


Best Window Dressing for Smart Homes


Do you love adding smart technology features to your homes, such as smart thermostats, sprinklers, and fridges? Then you might prefer automated blinds. These clever systems can roll themselves up in the morning to let in welcoming light and roll down at night for privacy. You can set them to any schedule you like. When you meet with our home design professionals for a consultation, they can lay out all the options for you.


Best Window Dressing for Modern Homes


Do you want to emphasize a more modern look inside your home? Window shutters and blinds in modern homes need to lend to the clean, functional aesthetic. Some of our favorite blinds for this purpose include Roman blinds with fabrics in neutral colors and small, light patterns. We have many options that you can take a look at and match to your home when you consult with a member of the Milton Blinds team.


Best Window Dressing for Sustainable Homes


Sustainable homes focus on saving energy and therefore saving money on utilities. Blinds have an important part to play in sustainability. They can block sunlight and excess heat in the summer, reducing how much your air conditioner must run. In the winter, they can let in light and heat to reduce the burden on your furnace. Vertical blinds and roller blinds can be good options for this. What you want most are thick blinds that are easy to roll and/or draw.


Better Privacy with Window Shutters and Blinds

Don’t want people looking inside your home or business? Adding shutters and blinds to your windows doesn’t just make your space look great. It can keep prying eyes from looking inside when you need your privacy. With our wide range of products, you’ll be able to find a window covering solution that works for you and looks good.


Best Commercial Window Coverings Options


What does your business need? You may have a few competing needs for window coverings. Privacy, light control, and simplicity are common needs. We recommend window vinyl for simple light control and more flexible options like California shutters for good looks and simple adjustability.


Talk to the Experts at Milton Blinds


Not sure what you should be prioritizing for your home or your business? The experts at Milton Blind can help. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial window coverings in Oakville, so we have the options to suit anyone’s unique needs. Contact us today to talk about your priorities and your options when it comes to window dressings.

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