Window Treatment Measuring and Installing

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Window Treatment Measuring and Installing

Whether you’re getting custom window treatments or buying your blinds or shades off a shelf, accurate measurements are absolutely critical. If you’re off by a few inches, your shutters may be too big to fit in the window frame or your shades may be too small to block all the light, and leave some space for curious neighbors to look in. When measuring window treatments, you want to be precise. If you want to see how to do it in person, or just see what your desired selections will look like in your space, contact us to book an in-home consultation with one of our design professionals. If you want to learn more first, here is what you need to know when measuring for blinds and shades.


  1. Know Where They’ll Be Installed


Making the mistake of measuring the wrong spot is more common than you might think. Figure out which kind of window dressing you’re installing first so that you know where to measure. If you don’t know which kind you’ll be installing quite yet, because you want to get measurements and an estimate first (a wise move) you can simply take multiple kinds of measurements.


For shutters, which are typically installed inside the frame, you need to measure in the frame. Many blinds and shades are also installed inside. However, there are outside mount blinds, and for these, you’ll need to measure the exterior of the window. You can consult with your window treatment company as to how far out from the frame your outside mount blinds are supposed to be.


  1. Use the Right Tools


Using a steel measuring tape is the best way to get accurate measurements, but you can use other options as well. We don’t recommend that you use a laser measuring device when you’re measuring for exterior fit windows, as there is nothing for the laser to connect with to provide the measurement.


  1. Start Measuring and Be Thorough


Depending on the type of window treatment you’re getting, you may need to take several different measurements, including the depth of the window frame—which is often overlooked. Get a list of the types of measurements your window dressing company will need and ensure you complete each one.


Do not deduct anything from your measurements unless your company asks you to. There are deductions that need to be made, but the company which makes the blinds or shades usually does this for you.


Let the Professionals Handle It


Measuring for blinds and shades is kind of a hassle, especially if your spatial reasoning isn’t great, or if you’re not trained in the intricacies of all the measurements needed. You can get the professionals at Milton Blinds to do the work for you, not to mention provide some stunning custom blinds or shades. We offer window treatment measuring and installation. If you’re stumped on how to DIY your measurements, or would just rather leave it to the professionals, reach out to us today.

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