How To Choose The Right Window Treatment
Solution For Your Home

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Without prior experience choosing between window shutters and window blinds can be a tough call. As the decision is not limited to aesthetics, it has a direct impact on privacy, light control, energy efficiency, and convenience. Shutters and blinds are not only the beauty elements for your home, but they also protect against rainwater, strong winds, and direct sunlight.

Whether you are planning to upgrade your existing interiors or decorating a new room the decision-making involves choosing the appropriate furniture, wall colours, artworks and antiques. But when it comes to window treatments there is always a debate between shutters and blinds. The most common categories to choose from are vertical window blinds, horizontal window blinds, blinds with motorization, and window shades.

While window blinds are always installed inside your room, window shutters have the option to be installed both inside or outside your windows. With operable louvred shutters, you can have better control of the ventilation in your room. They are also used as door blinds and act as a decorative material that enhances the overall appearance of your home.

Let’s Take A Look At The Different Window Treatment Solutions That We Offer:

Horizontal Blinds Oakville

Horizontal blinds are the most popular residential window treatments, and it is so because of their availability in different shapes and materials. They are available in thick wood slats or thin vinyl slats and you can make your decision based on design preferences and budget. Horizontal blinds can be raised to have a clear view of the outside and lowered down for increased privacy. The slats can be rotated to have better control over the amount of light coming into your space.

horizontal window shutters for your room
vertical window blinds by milton blinds

Vertical Blinds Oakville

Vertical blinds are a popular choice among homeowners because they offer floor to ceiling coverage for glass walls or windows. They can be easily pushed aside when you want to pass or see-through. Vertical blinds offer equal control over privacy and the amount of light coming into your space as horizontal blinds. But their effectiveness depends upon the width of each slat and how they are spaced. Maintenance is easier in case of vertical blinds, as every slat is separate and can be replaced easily. In the case of horizontal blinds, every slat is interconnected and replacing one or two becomes a tedious task.

Window Shades Oakville

If you are looking for a more traditional appearance for your home, window shades could be the right choice for you. Like horizontal blinds, window shades either roll or fold up to let you control the amount of light coming in. Window shades are made from a single sheet of materials, unlike blinds that have multiple slats. Explore our roller shades options to find out your preferences. For a classier appearance, you can go with Roman Shades as well. They come with a piece of fabric attached at the top of the window that runs down to the bottom providing solid control over privacy and lighting.

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