How Window Treatments Can Enhance Your Home’s Value

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Window treatments for home

Before you sell your home, every little thing you can do to make it better can help enhance its value. There are so many different options available to buyers, so it’s important to make yourself stand out however you can. While major projects like kitchen remodels and bathroom updates can often provide the most value, simple things like a new coat of paint can be what makes the difference between having your pick of offers and taking whatever comes your way. Updating your window treatments is a similarly simple thing you can do to make a big impact on buyers. If you want to see this in action, we recommend you contact us to set up an in-home consultation with one of our design experts. If you’d like to learn a little more first, here is how new custom window coverings can improve your home’s value.


  1. They Are an Investment


Simply put, custom window coverings cost money and do represent an investment in the home. Your real estate agent should take into consideration every little aspect of the home when determining its value, and window coverings are part of that process. You may not necessarily recoup the whole value of new coverings in the cost of the home, but they can still add to your home’s value.


  1. New Owners May Not Want to Fuss with Window Treatments


You know how it is: when you buy a home for the first time you use up your savings. Or, when you sell a home and buy another, you hope you’re done with home Renos for a while. The new owners of your home may not want to fuss with adding window treatments and you may not have the cash for them either. When you can cross things like this off the new owner’s to-do list, you can make your home more appealing.


  1. They Make Your Home Look Great


So much of selling your home is about enhancing its best features and helping someone imagine living in the space. Window coverings are one of those flexible elements of the home that can emphasize its best attributes. They can draw attention to a great view or block a bad one. They can increase the amount of natural light in a space or enhance privacy.


  1. You Can Fulfill Niche Needs


When you know the demographic you’re likely selling to, you can use custom window treatments to fulfill your needs. For example, seniors will prefer automated blinds so that they do not have to physically open or shut them. Young families will prefer shades or blinds with higher safety standards.


Choose Window Treatments from Milton Blinds


At Milton Blinds, we can help you get the right window treatments in Milton. Reach out to us today to learn more about your options, or see them in action with an in-home consultation with one of our design experts.

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