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Should you have a bow, corner or bay window that you are not sure how to treat with window coverings, don’t worry! Milton Blinds is up for the challenge and will provide you with product solutions while on site during your complimentary in home consultation. We can show you exactly what it will look like, with the use of product samples and specialty pieces, valances and framing to accommodate and angle or uncommon existing framing. Although we can put almost any product on a bow or bay windows, our experience has been that Shutters and 2″ faux wood blinds have been the most custom, picture perfect looking window coverings for bay windows.

What is a bay window? A window built to project outward from an outside wall with 3 sides.

What is a bow window? A curved bay window, with more than 3 sides, usually 5.

Bay Window Coverings


We are able to offer all sizes of louvers with or without a frame for bow and bay windows. The frame does allow us to eliminate any gaping, should your windows not be symmetrical, which is very common. We carry multiple different framing options to accommodate sill, large window depth window trim and no trim or depth window trims. Framing can be cut at any angle to ensure a smooth complete design.

Bay Window Coverings Oakville


Valances for 2″ faux wood blinds allow us to mitre cut the connecting and end pieces for a custom and seamless finished look. We also use connectors to ensure valances butt up nicely to one another. Spacing between faux wood blind slats are minimal and allow for smooth operation of tilting the slats to manipulate the amount of light aloud in the room or in efforts to keep out.

Bay Window Panels


Valances are offered in a matching fabric pvc or metal fascia (which comes in a variety of colors). Although roller shade valances cannot be mitre cut, they are installed as close as possible to one another for a most seamless appearance. There is a space between fabrics, when rolled down, as they require spacing for bracket installation above however operate very smoothly and allow you the opportunity to show off your bay window fully when completely rolled up.

Windows that are positioned in corners pose special challenges due to their close proximity to each other and to the corner. Most bay window blinds can accommodate corner installations but require our expertise measuring to ensure for smooth installation and operation. Our intent is to create a custom look that minimizes any awkward structural designs or angles and is perfect for the homeowner or business owner.


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A window treatment is any modification or cover placed on a window. So that includes blinds, shutters, and curtains. Window treatments are meant to improve the look of the window and the room as a whole, however they also serve practical purposes like increasing privacy and blocking light.

Just like with other elements of interior décor, window treatments come in and out of style. Blinds and shades are usually both in style, but the specific materials and styles of these treatments come and go. In 2022, roller shades appear to be leading window treatment trends.

Yes, while we may put window treatments pretty far down on our list of things to update in a space, that can be a big mistake. Window treatments are important for function as well as for beauty. Controlling light and privacy in your home is essential for your comfort. And, window treatments can really enhance the style of a space too.

No. To some degree curtains are always “in” but it is true that in 2022 stylists are emphasizing curtains which are simpler and flowy. Think natural materials, lots of movement, and less light blocking. For this reason, you may want to combine curtains with other window treatments.

Roller shades are among the easiest window treatments to clean, along with other kinds of blinds. Shutters, because they have several thin louvres, are harder to clean. They collect dust and you need to get in between each row in order to clean them out.

In general, shutters are the window treatments that last the longest. They are made from plastic, wood, or other sturdy materials, while many other window treatments are made from fabrics. Blinds may also last a long while, also depending on the materials they are made from.

That depends on a few things. You should change your window blinds when they are damaged, including when the pull mechanisms no longer work or when the louvres are bent. You should also change your window blinds when they fall out of style and date your space. But there is no specific timeframe.

You have a lot of options for window treatments on large windows. It really depends on your other priorities, including your budget, your home’s style, and what you prefer. We can show you your options for window treatments on even the largest windows.

You have just as many options for window treatments on a bay window as you do other window types. We can install roller shades, shutters, blinds, and more on your bay window. However, we do not recommend curtains, because they cut off some of the space of your bay window.

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