Getting Your Home Ready to Sell?

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Is your home ready to hit the market? If you like so many others want to list but are uncertain as to which key areas to focus on, then continue with some of the guidance we have provided in this featured article. Then when you are ready to sell, you will have the knowledge you need to add more value to your home.

Milton Blinds has worked with Nicole Graham, owner of Nesting Effect on multiple occasions, servicing blinds, shutters and other window treatment products for clients.


NESTING EFFECT is an online home staging service designed to help REALTORS® and homeowners effectively prepare a property for sale or rent. As a cost-effective and customized solution, they provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to effectively stage a clients’ specific home – increasing the probability of reduced time on the market and a more profitable sale.

Nicole Graham

Q & A Session with Nicole Graham

Q: How important is a first impression of a home for sale?

A: First impressions are paramount when selling a home. Buyers often decide on a house within the first two minutes. It begins when pulling up to the property, hence why curb appeal is an important factor to consider. Once they enter the home, the potential buyer will decide very quickly if they like it. Of course, a buyer’s opinion can change as they walk the home, but it can be quite difficult to modify a first impression.

Q: How important is it to stage a home for resale purposes?

A: A properly staged home can add thousands of dollars to the sale value and reduce the time on the market compared to poorly staged homes. Consumers tend to be drawn to products that present a certain way and appeal to their senses. An example we can all relate to applies when buying fruit at a grocery store. Do you buy the bruised apple or the one that looks shiny and clean? The answer is obvious, and the same rule applies when selling a home.

Q: Does professional staging increase the value of a home and why?

A: It absolutely does increase the value of a home. Buyers have a very difficult time looking beyond a current owner’s furniture and décor. They see those items as part of the home or inspiration for what they’d do to the home. Even though they implicitly know those items won’t be there when they take possession, it appeals to their personal ideals of what their home could potentially look like. For this reason, there is a perceived higher value in well-staged homes. If two exact homes we both listed at the same time, one staged and one not, the staged home would obtain a higher sale value 9 times out of 10.

We created Nesting Effect with the REALTOR® and homeowner in mind, knowing that spending hundreds to thousands of dollars is not always feasible or practical. Nesting Effect is the perfect opportunity to get the staging advice REALTORS® and their clients need at affordable prices.

Q: Are the above 3 questions applicable to rental properties as well?

A: Yes, they are. A long-term rental property that is staged and shows well will obtain a higher rental rate, lower vacancy, and higher quality tenants. The same holds true for short-term vacation rentals. These clients primarily choose a vacation home by viewing properties online. As a result, the pictures they view must show the property in the best possible light. Further, sites like Airbnb and VRBO are very competitive, therefore, staging is of critical importance if an investor wants to maximize their rent and reduce vacancy.

At Nesting Effect, we offer practical guidance as well as maintenance checklists so the owner of an investment property can quickly and effectively get their home back into show condition for the next client.

Q: If someone is overwhelmed with the thought of preparing a home for sale, what is your advice?

A: Preparing a home can and often feels like a daunting task. For homeowners who are taking on most of the preparation, we first suggest devising a high-level plan. The most important part of working through the process is to operate on a room-by-room basis. Do not skip to different areas of the home – finish one space then move on to the next. People who skip from room-to-room often feel more stress and the job will appear to take longer. Feeling progress is a major motivator.
If the job is just too large to take on, we recommend hiring some assistance – whether that’s their Realtor, a decluttering company, or a moving company that offers packing services.

Of course, we highly recommend utilizing a staging service, such as Nesting Effect, to fully capture the essence of the home, maximize value, and reduce their overall time on the market.

For clients who have a need to prepare a home for sale or rent and want a cost-effective guild staging solution Nesting Effect offers the perfect custom solution.

By utilizing pictures of the property, we provide a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to effectively stage a client’s home – regardless if it is the client or REALTOR® ultimately completing the work. We cover everything from decluttering, decor changes, aesthetic upgrades, room planning, shopping recommendations, home maintenance advice, and open house/showing preparation. All this guidance and advice is at a fraction of the cost of an in-person staging company. Not only are our reports custom and confidential, we believe in the power of staging and the positive effect it has on maximizing our clients’ profits all while keeping costs to a minimum.

Q: Do quality window coverings such as blinds or shutters add value to your home for resale purposes?

A: Yes, absolutely! Adding quality shutters or blinds to a home is one of the best ways to add value to a property. Properly dressed windows can greatly impact the impression of a room and create consistency throughout a home. Quality window coverings will also add to the overall curb appeal of a home. As mentioned earlier, curb appeal is an important factor for first impressions.

It has always been a pleasure to work with Nesting Effect and Nicole on home staging and offering new homeowner’s complimentary in-home consultation services for window coverings.

At Nesting Effect, they understand that organizing and staging a home prior to selling or renting can be a complicated and expensive process. REALTORS® have an extensive list of tasks that require their attention, and homeowners aren’t always well versed in staging concepts. Nesting Effect offers a cost-effective and customized solution to help prepare a home for sale or rent. By utilizing Nesting Effect, both homeowners and REALTORS® will reduce the time to market and increase the probability of a faster and more profitable transaction.

For more information please visit or contact Nicole at

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