Government Changes Regulations for Corded Window Coverings

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In 2019 Health Canada announced that they were going to limit corded window coverings. As of May 2021, those regulations have come into effect. Are your blinds outdated and potentially unsafe for children? We have options that can make your home look great and give you privacy and light control, all while abiding by the new guidelines. We have a wide selection of options that are safe, including automated window coverings. Now is a great time to get any new blinds as we have a 15% off blackout blinds this spring for a limited time.

Changed Regulations

Unfortunately, roughly one Canadian child per year is strangled to death in blind cords, and in Canada there have been a total of 39 deaths from window cord strangulations since 1998. Health Canada sought to stop these accidents by changing the rules surrounding the length of blind cords and the size of the loops allowed on the end of them. All products made in Canada, whether custom made or off the shelf, must now abide by these regulations.

Health Canada says they “strongly encourage” parents and caregivers to replace their current corded window coverings with those that meet the new regulations. This is not mandatory, but it is much safer. As Canadians buy new window coverings, they will only have the option to choose products which meet the new guidelines, so everyone should be up to date relatively soon.

Which blinds should you pick? Automated window blinds are among the safest options as they do not have any closing mechanism or cord that could strangle a child. But there are many other options that also meet the new regulations too.

Your Blind Options

Manufacturers and retailers like Milton Blinds had plenty of time to adjust to the new regulations from Health Canada. We have many automated window coverings and those with other closing mechanisms which are suitable under the new regulations. You can get improved safety and beauty in your home with our high-quality blind options. These blinds can even increase the value of your home. Here are some of the options we have that can work for you:

For a limited time in spring 2022, we’re having a 15% off sale on the blackout styles of these blinds. Plus, when you look through our catalogue, you can find many other styles in these blind types to accentuate the style of your home. Talk with our professionals if you need some style guidance or help to make your decision.

Why Update Your Blinds in Milton?

It’s not just about meeting the new regulations. Automated window blinds and other options can help your home get a fresh, modern look. They can give you more convenience, privacy, and energy efficiency. There are many reasons to update your blinds in Milton.

Reach out to Milton Blinds to discuss your blind options that meet the new regulations.

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