Right Roller Blinds for Your French Doors

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Right Roller Blinds for Your French Doors

French doors are often peoples’ favorite doors in their whole homes. They add elegance and a spacious feel wherever they are. But they also have glass, which means that, in order to get the privacy that you need and control light, you need to add some kind of window treatment. We recommend roller blinds for French doors for many reasons. They offer a classy look that works with stylish French doors. You can also choose blinds with material that lets in the right amount of light for you. If you want to just get going now and see what our options look like in your home, you can contact us and ask for an in-home consultation with one of our friendly design experts. If you’re not quite ready to choose your French door blinds in Milton, read our tips about them below to help give you a better idea of what you’ll be looking at.


Size & Hanging Spot

You want to take a careful look at your French doors and assess what size your blinds should be. French doors often have large handles, but they can still turn properly if you hang the roller shades close to the door. Ideally, you’d choose a window treatment with a thin profile. As a single piece of fabric, roller shades are a good option. If you choose wood blinds or something larger, try to keep them at one inch or thinner.


Brackets & Function

How often will you keep your shades shut? If the shades on your French doors will usually be shut, then you can choose brackets to hold them down. This prevents them from popping up when someone brushes them as they walk past the door.

We also do not recommend that you choose a corded option. Cords can get tangled up in the door handle and make it frustrating to use the door. There are many roller shades available that do not use cords, so you’ll have plenty of choices.


Style & Materials

French door blinds are often chosen to match the other textures or colors in the space, as long as that doesn’t make for too much contrast with the all-white doors. For example, rooms that feature lots of taupes or beiges will benefit from roller blinds in these shades. You can also choose patterned roller blinds, as long as it suits the feel of your space.


Roller Blinds for French Doors

Milton Blinds offers elegant, modern roller blinds you’ll be excited to pair with your French doors. We also offer expert guidance, samples, and free in-home consultations where you can look at those samples in your home’s natural light. Reach out today to get started on the blinds for your French doors. Ask about an in-home consultation if you want to see what your choices look like in your space.

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